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App By:
Gaijin Distribution KFT
Version: for Android
Required Android:
Android 10.0+
Updated On:
Oct 09, 2022
136 MB

About War Thunder Edge APK

Play this new mobile PvP MMO shooter game using legendary military vehicles! On this battlefield, air, naval, and ground vehicles fight together, just as they would in real battles. In War Thunder Edge, all ships, tanks, and aircraft look and perform like their real-world counterparts, and players can control their awesome machines of war easily.

Explore military history with dozens of authentic vehicles from the USSR, Germany, and the United States (more nations will follow). Gain access to better equipment, change ammunition types and customize gear to increase your chances of dominating the battlefield as you progress through the game.

Find the best vehicles and experiment with setups to find what suits your style. More than 35 ground vehicles (organized into four-vehicle platoons), 19 warships, and nine aircraft are available now, and more and more authentic legendary vehicles are being added all the time.

What is War Thunder Edge APK?

Unlike World of Tanks Blitz and Tank Company, War Thunder Edge is a war simulator that supports battles on tanks, ships and aircraft at the same time. There are only separate battles on land and water in the early version, and the graphics are on par with WoT Blitz.

In War Thunder Edge, it is already possible to destroy some objects, and the tank models are surprisingly good. The player can hide behind covers during battles and fire at different parts of the enemy tank, and after the shot, you can see where the projectile hit.

Features of War Thunder Edge APK?

  • There is no such thing as a typical battle. As well as using their own weapons, players can also call for air support or artillery strikes, or hide behind smoke screens.
  • Maps of varying types. Arenas representing the main battle theaters from the 20th-century host the battles.
  • The graphics are stunning and the physical damage model is realistic. All devices are supported by the game. Each battle arena features eye-catching surroundings, detailed tank models, and powerful explosions that send destroyed turrets flying. By manually setting graphics settings, you can achieve a balance between great visuals and a high frame rate.
  • War Thunder Edge is the only free online multiplayer mobile game that allows you to experience authentic military vehicles properly and comfortably. Let's go to war! Download the game now!

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