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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
0.3.0 for Android
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Android 7.0+
Updated On:
Sep 22, 2022
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About SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL APK

Enjoy a Gundam-inspired story while you're at it

It is up to the players to create their own troops beyond the original work.

A series of G-Generation products

There is now a smartphone simulation game available in the series.

The SD Gundam G Generation Eternal will be released soon.

What is SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL APK?

The Gundam G Generation series of strategy games give you the ability to immerse yourself in the Gundam universe.

With its distinctive gameplay systems, you can collect your favorite Mobile Suits and characters from the various "Gundam" series, power them up, develop them, and create your own squads for battle.

Among Gundam fans, G Generation's longevity can be attributed to its ability to transcend the boundaries set by various manga and anime series, offering players the freedom to design unique squads of their own design while also enjoying all their favorite mainline stories as well as G Generation originals.

A Gundam fan's dream, G Generation brings together the old and the new in one jam-packed package.

Features of SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL APK

Choose stages during the CBT

CBT will allow you to experience a portion of the scenario stages of the following Gundam works!

In G Gen ETERNAL, you can play through the scenario while enjoying scenes from the series.

As mentioned in ETERNAL Transmission Vol.1, battles will also feature various cutscene animations and character voice lines to enhance your experience!

While the battle and scenario experiences have been separated in this game, we hope that the animations will come together with all the other gameplay elements to create a truly immersive experience.

I would appreciate any feedback or opinions you might have!

Make your own squad and experience various animations!

Mix and match various MS units and characters to create your own unique squad for exciting battles!

The G Gen ETERNAL series will also return to its roots of grid-based maps and strategy gameplay as previously mentioned. We encourage you to take your time to fully experience the game's UI and controls as you command your units and battle across the battlefield.

Create various characters and units!

As part of the CBT, you will be able to acquire various units and upgrade them using the familiar Train, Develop, and Produce features!

Although you won't have access to all the features in full, the units that will be available in the CBT will mainly be those closely related to the Gundam works introduced in section 1 above, but also MSV, related series, and some G Generation units.

Look forward to them!


Game System

With SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL, you command a squad of units in battle on grid-based maps using G Generation's tactical gameplay.

You can also play in auto mode on your smartphone for casual play!

Squad Formation

You can create "warship groups" centered around warships, or "mobile groups" based on individual units in this installment.

You can assemble your favorite characters and units from various "Gundam" series to form your own original squad!

Relive Gundam Stories

Explore tons of exciting stages from the original Gundam works!

The unforgettable locations and famous quotes from your favorite Gundam series are here-or even those from entries you haven't seen yet!

Training & Event Stages

Stages aren't the only way to experience the mainline Gundam stories!

Training stages allow you to earn materials for upgrading units, event stages allow you to acquire new units, and more!

There will also be high-difficulty stages that will require all of your strategic skills. There's never a dull moment!


Game mechanics such as "Development" allow you to create new units using your powered-up units!

Make your squad stronger by developing new units!

Obtaining Units, Warships, & Characters

A new unit, warship, or character can be acquired by completing stages, developing, and completing quests!

With the array of units you collect along the way, create your own unique squad by overcoming the obstacles each stage presents!

Training & Powering Up

Battles can be used to power up and train your units and characters.

Moreover, you can obtain power-up materials in training stages that instantly boost the strength of your units!

Make your favorite units even better!

More to come

Besides having the overall structure and features of the G Generation series, this game has plenty of new additions in development just for this release!

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