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App By:
Institute for Vital Energy
120.79 for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Updated On:
Sep 09, 2023
148.1 MB

About Master of Ives APK

Hi, sexy human. I’m Jennifer, I'm an Ive. You might not know it, but we met once in a sex dream. It's ok if you don't remember, memory issues are a thing for us Ives too. Before we forgot who we are, we used to be humanity's inspiration. You called us nymphs, muses, and even some names that weren't words at all before you invented language.

But our powers slowly faded as you all stopped thinking about us. And we used to be so good together... I personally came to Mozart in a dream and gave him a sloppy blowjob so amazing that he composed "The Magic Flute" that day.

See, you guys and us, we're a perfect pair. You believe in us, and we inspire your great ideas. But we lost that, and humans lost their lust for life. I'm lucky to still remember that I'm an Ive. Most of our sisters are asleep, living human lives with jobs and stuff, with no idea they're meant to be eternal beings of pure sexual energy, and toys to a worthy Master.

That's why we invented the Institute for Vital Energy (IVE, pretty cool, right?). So we can come together and search for our Master, a man whose sexual imagination is so strong that he can fully recharge us and reconnect the memories we lost.

Even now, as you read this, you radiate this huge power. We Ives are sensitive to such sexual energy. Please come to the Institute and take my sister Ying's test. I have a feeling we finally found you, Master. It's your destiny to collect all the Ives, fulfill your wildest fantasies with us, and reawaken us to our divine role as the muses of mankind.


Get ready for the immersive experience of a lifetime! Unveil a new world of challenging tasks and sexy rewards to make your pulse race, a buzzing PvP community, as well as a tastefully enticing Safe-for-Work mode. Master of Ives is a living game that's constantly growing. Our pledge to regularly add fresh content guarantees that your commitment will always be rewarded and the experience will keep getting better and better.


Collect 36 diverse Ives, eternal sexual beings with distinct personalities and kinks. Evolve them with unique sexy looks, some even morphing into provocative fantastic creatures!

  • 10 alluring Ives with 3 Stages of Evolution
  • 26 enticing Ives with 5 Stages of Evolution (culminating in magnificent Monster forms!)
  • New Ives joining the Institute constantly!


Explore the hottest lineup of sexy rewards, made to fire up your fantasies!

  • 12 sizzling animated Sex Scenes, with new ones coming every month
  • 5 in-depth explicit Chats: Ives expose their shameless fantasies and share 5 uncensored selfies each
  • 1 Hi-Res Poster featuring 5 Ives in a seductive group shot
  • NEW TO ADULT GAMES: The Kink Tank profile, an innovative way to discover the true sexual personality of your Ives
  • New Sexy Rewards of each type coming to the game regularly!


Uncover the rich story of the Ives, as you engage in Missions and complete Dreams with diverse and challenging tasks:

  • 3 Genesis Missions, featuring around 45 Dreams each
  • The Chase Mission, which features around 70 Dreams
  • A groundbreaking twist in gameplay that you have to try: The Towers Mission, bringing 1 full Tier of 300 Dreams to conquer
  • 4 Kama Bingo Cards, each featuring 24 extra-challenging Dreams (each Card unlocks never-before-seen Chibi sex positions!)
  • Eden, the endless gameplay mode for the advanced Master who has conquered all other Missions
  • Daily Quests that are tricky and fun!
  • New Missions of each type are regularly added to the game!


Personalize your gameplay with great Skins to add style to your Dream Portal, or enjoy comfortable action with the COLOR BLIND MODE. Feel like yourself as you touch and pleasure the Ives by choosing your character's SKIN TYPE.


Rise through the ranks and conquer the game’s leaderboards to become a legendary Master, with fantastic player-vs-player challenges!

  • Weekly Leagues
  • Blitz Challenges
  • Tower Legends


Dive into time-limited mini-games created specifically for our lively and spirited Master community online!

  • Hidden Objects
  • Find the Differences
  • Ive Hunts


Take advantage of value-packed Shop offers to supercharge your Mastery!

  • 3 Box variations: Yellow, Orange, and Purple, each offering a distinct assortment of Ives and odds
  • Evo Packs to evolve an Ive in big leaps (entire Evo levels)
  • Monthly Subscriptions (Gold & Silver Packs)
  • Dream Pass (our very own Master of Ives Battle Pass)

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