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App By:
1.15 for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Updated On:
Oct 08, 2022
3.9 MB

About Dynamic Spot Pro APK

With dynamic spot, you can easily get the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature on your device!

dynamic spot gives you the Dynamic Island mini multitasking feature, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone status changes.

Just tap on the little black popup to open the displayed app, and long press the popup to expand it and view more details.

iPhone's Dynamic Island is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is! You can change interaction settings, and select when to show or hide the popup or which apps should appear.

As dynamicSpot uses Android's notification system it is compatible with almost all apps, like messaging notifications, timer apps, and even music apps!

What is Dynamic Spot APK?

In Dynamic Spot, a black, pill-shaped icon sits on your screen, similar to Do Not Disturb. You can access it from anywhere, including the lock screen and home screen.

You can see the number of notifications you have by looking at the icon. You can choose which ones to act upon.

In this way, you can manage all your notifications in one place, including social media, email, and messaging apps.

Also, the app is highly customizable. This lets you fine-tune the app to better suit your needs. It also lets you easily find a particular notification.


  • iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature
  • Mini multitasking for your phone
  • Support for timer apps
  • Support for music apps
  • Customizable interaction


  • Play / Pause
  • Next / Prev
  • Touchable seekbar


  • Timer app: Show running timer in the popup
  • Battery: Show percentage in
  • Music apps have full music controls
  • More to come soon!

The app is in the early beta stage, if you have any feature requests or bug reports, please use the beta feedback in the google play store. Thanks!

Pro Features

With this application, you can experience a premium feel on your Android device. It includes numerous features, including:

  • Charge your device: With this feature, you can monitor your power consumption and receive notifications when your battery is low. As a result, you won't be caught without a charge ever again.
  • Organize your music: You have complete control over the music on your device with this feature. Tracks can be played, paused, and skipped from the dynamic spot.
  • Managing Your Timer Apps: With this feature, you can start and stop timers directly from the dynamic spot. Using this method, you'll never overcook your food or miss an appointment again.
  • Experience without ads: The feature removes all ads from the app, allowing you to enjoy the app uninterrupted.
  • Availability of all features: All features are unlocked for free with this feature. With the app, you can do whatever you want without paying a dime!

How does it work?

A better experience is provided by this application, which integrates your phone's hardware and software. You can configure the app after downloading and installing it.

Using your phone's accessibility features, the app overlays a black, pill-shaped icon on top of all other apps. Even when you're using another app, this icon is always visible at the top of your screen. The app, however, does not interfere with other apps and is designed to be unobtrusive.

It displays the number of unread notifications on the island constantly as it monitors your notifications. Depending on how many notifications there are, it shrinks or expands.

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