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Android 5.0+
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Nov 18, 2023
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About Dimensional Countermeasures APK

The existence of a dimensional hole, the appearance of a nest of invaders.

During his days, Al spends time-fighting with his comrades against that hole.

An unknown man named Zeld arrives as a newcomer.

Despite his reliable skills, he is frivolous and makes odd glances at the female members.


Captain Al

He is highly trusted by those around him as a squad leader.

With only girls in his squad, he has had some difficulties, but he is achieving success one by one.

Magician Blair

Friendships dating back to Al's childhood.

As strong as she is, she has the personality to pull weak Al in her direction.

A lack of attention can make her depressed because she has a high self-esteem.

Christie, Guardian Knight

The squad's youngest member

Although he is weak and timid, he still has the courage to take the brunt of battle.

Healer Dear

As well as serving as the treatment room manager, he is the lifeline of the unit.

While she is always calm, she sometimes displays a harsh side.

A kind girl who always thinks of her patients.

Erica Shinobu

She came from a faraway land and wandered the world

Her friendly, easy-going personality belies her high level of combat skill.

There's something that happened to her in the past, but she prefers not to talk about it too much.

Playboy Fouche

She is a sophisticated girl with a bright and refreshing personality

Her duties seem to be a bit serious, but

As if she was trying to help the captain, she seemed attached to him.

Princess Felicia

In the past, her country was destroyed and she became a princess of that country.

In spite of the fact that she acts somewhat arrogant and irreverent, she possesses a compassionate and responsible nature.

As a member of the army, she strives to rebuild her country.

Commander Chloe

Commander of Al's unit

It was she who appointed him captain.

Al also considers her a precious mother.

Marauder Zeld

A new warrior appeared one day.

Girls are clearly being targeted by him due to his unwavering love for women.


Together with the main character Al, they must neutralize the dimensional hole.

A tough battle is expected in the dimensional hole, as monsters live there.

When completing the event, aim to defeat the boss

When infiltrating, you can take up to two characters with you.

The characters you are fighting with can be protected from those who get in your way.

Characters you don't add won't be affected.

A gift can be given to a girl.

In addition to their own preferences, girls have different levels of aggression, and giving them better gifts can reduce this level.

Zelda sets an invasion value for each heroine,

As he rose through various events, Zeld gradually dyed him, and then he...

As the event progresses, the girl who has been defeated to the end will see her portrait change,

She also changes her attitude towards Al.

AI created the illustration for this work, which has been processed and edited accordingly.

A basic list of 27 CGs

Standing pictures and non-erotic CG are not included

The facility has a memory room

The event switch is fully open (conditions apply)

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