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App By:
Betagames Group
1.0.0 for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Updated On:
Nov 19, 2022
19 MB

About 171 Download APK

In 171, the city is modeled after essentially Brazilian scenarios, and every element in the game environment has been carefully crafted to make it seem familiar to the player. The city comes to life with pedestrians and cars walking around the map interacting with one another and with the map itself. There are weapons available to the player, and he can interact with the elements in the city, but be careful, as every action can result in a similar reaction. If you act aggressively, you may attract attention, causing the innocent to remain away, causing problems both with the police and local bandits.

With its entourage, Sandbox 171 (Pre-Alpha) stands out from other GTA clones. Brazil is the setting for the action. The creators offered to ride in the suburbs of Sao Paulo. There is a special flavor to the local atmosphere in poor areas with narrow streets, graffiti on the walls, dirt and debris.

What is 171 Download APK?

In third person, the player manages his character. A camera is carried over the shoulder of the hero when shooting on the street. It is possible to fire while sitting in a car. Meanwhile, the protagonist is able to shoot in any direction without sticking out of the cabin.

It is traditionally possible to catch any car in 171 (Pre-Alpha). Workshops are available for pumping and repainting cars. The visual display of upgrades is available on vehicles. In some situations, cars crumple and explode in an accident. In the city, there are law enforcement officers, bandits, and ordinary passersby. As a result of user-generated chaos, they all react differently.

It has a minimalistic interface. A mini-map, a police wanted level (from 1 to 5 stars), a health bar, and a weapon type are displayed. During the chases, cop patrols are marked on the map, including a large one. The barrels contain pistols, rifles, and fists. The weapon is not hidden in an invisible inventory, but hangs from the hero's back. Dress shopping stores are also available, but they are simply decorated in the style of the hero's skin editor.

It is an early access Alpha version of the game, so the current content may contain bugs, mechanics may be unstable or temporarily disabled in order to receive polishing. The current content is not the final quality of the game and must be modified and/or enabled in later versions.


Along with the gang, you can rob banks and shops, as well as profit from the sale of illicit drugs. If you do not wish to become a criminal, you can choose a different path. It is possible to become an athlete and fight in the ring, or you can become a policeman who establishes order on the streets of the city. You can download torrent 171 (Pre-Alpha) completely free of charge from the link specified in the description if you are a fan of games with a similar genre orientation.

Become the instigator of mass riots and fights, shoot, steal cars, and do anything you can to defend your territory. There is a chance for you to take control of this city, but you must first overcome a lot to become a real mafia or police chief. You have the choice!

Features of the 171 Download APK

  • An open world;
  • Cold steel and firearms;
  • A chance to buy or steal a car;
  • It is possible to join any group;
  • There are constant robberies, battles for territory, and shootings;
  • In the game, you can earn currency honestly or by committing crimes.

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