Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK – Latest Version – Mod for Android and see how long you can survive in a country infected with zombies! Zombie games have become popular over the years. This is thanks to films that use mainstream media shows and efforts. And now we have a number of shooter games that are also about shooting zombies.

Zombie Diaries 2: Evolution comes with APK, to add to the obsession of the post-apocalyptic world. The result of a popular game that has attracted many fans around the world. The game brings more weapons, characters and zombies to the table! Excited to shoot some zombies? Continue reading!

About Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK is one of the games started by Mountain Lion and has been downloaded by 10 million Android users. This game genre action can be played offline played in multiplayer or single-player mode.

Of course, to get unlimited gold coins and unlimited diamonds you have to use Zombie Diary 2 mod APK. What do they do? If you want to buy the most expensive weapon, unlimited diamonds are useful and affect the size of your game.

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK Details

Name Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod APK
Current Version 1.2.4
Size 19.40 MB
Developer Name Mountain Lion
Category Action
Required Android Android 4.0+
Update On 09 July 2020

Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK – Latest Version

Following the huge success of Zombie Diary, the game’s developers and publishers, Mountain Lion, developed a sequel to Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK. The sequel was a huge success and has over 10 million downloads; the Super exciting game is a must. The action game is suitable for people over the age of 16 because the game contains violent violence. The game includes an ad and the app has been put into the purchase. Zombie Diary 2 APK is available for download on the Android platform.

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK Overview

Initially, you will be asked to select a specific character and enter the name you want to use for this game. A large city filled with zombie attacks has been on display.

Zombie Diary 2 APK has good 2D graphics and is very interesting to play, the game also has all the functions. You can own up to 30 unique weapons and upgrade weapons to improve your skills. The characters in this game also have the unique ability to kill all the zombies on the battlefield.


Like any zombie game, it starts immediately. The environment is in the future where zombies roam the country and want to recruit more people for their undead side. They are just one of the survivors and they must prepare to fight humanity and save them from extinction.

In addition to this simple action, you can solve many puzzles in the game, which is a fun way to play the game. Zombies are everywhere in this game! You play the game in a 2D environment where zombies appear left and right. It is an endless battle of death with fast-moving action and adrenaline scenes. It’s really every zombie shooter.

But this time, Mountain Lion has added missions and tasks to the game so it doesn’t become more meaningless. There are defence missions, hostage rescue situations and much more ahead. Upon successful completion of each level, you will receive money, which you can use to improve your character and weapons. Overall, the game is a fun way to kill zombies when they die.

Features of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK

It’s not hard to know just about the game that made it. To understand how good this game is, we have to look at the features one by one. That said, here are the features of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK:

  • 11 Mystic Maps – Locations are the most important aspect in all arcade shooting ranges. This completes the game so it needs to be released. And in this issue, there are 11 mystery cards that have been created incredibly to give you the experience of a full post revelation. Even if you shoot zombies all day, you never get tired of seeing the design of places.
  • Different weapons and equipment – In addition to locations, weapons are also very important. These are the primary means of eliminating the body so that it looks and works well. Luckily, the developers didn’t put us down because they include more than 10 weapons in the game! This includes rifles, pistols, snipers and pins! Buy and collect them all or you can pick them up and use them in the field. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses and unique properties. You can also upgrade your weapons to do more damage to the zombies.
  • Cool Character – The characters in this game are also uniquely created and each has a different shape and size. They also have strengths and weaknesses, so you need to pay attention to them when buying. Increase your character stats by entering the drug. This way you can use the characters according to their abilities and types of missions.
  • Impressive graphics and sound – the graphics of this game are also exaggerated as they all fit with funny designs on the theme of the apocalyptic world. For the characters, they designed them as a kind of dwarf and the weapons are large for maximum enjoyment. Zombies are pretty scary and they all run from reality, although it’s not a 3D game. Overall, the colours aren’t too fun and too white. The background sounds and effects convince everyone and at the same time give you epic gaming experience.
  • Play against your friends – The game also allows you to play against your friends on Facebook so you don’t have to enjoy the game alone. Challenge them and see who can survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies!

Tips for playing Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK

There are over a dozen zombie games, but they are not all the same. Some may be easy to play, while others require at least one strategy. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK is included in the latter because you need to be careful about what characters you need to use in each mission and what weapons you use. Here are some tips to help you:

Understand the different types of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK has powerful bosses as well as various zombies to fight. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about so that you can prepare and schedule your attacks. This is not just a shoot and expects the best kind of game because there are a few things to count. But once you get acquainted with the different types of zombies, it becomes easier.

Choose the best characters for some missions – there are missions that you have to complete in this game to get rewards. Doing this mission without a plan is a big mistake. For example, a hostage rescue mission is played with the best characters with huge armour and HP levels so you don’t die easily while doing no harm and rescue the hostage. When the escape mission is played with the best characters who have exceptional speed, you can easily avoid the chase of zombies.

Upgrade your gun – as you go into the game, you’ll see that you encounter tough zombies every time. Upgrading your weapons is a great way to have a large herd of zombies ready to eat at any moment.

MOD Features

  • Zombie Diary 2 MOD APK Screenshot
  • Unlimited gold coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • You need root
  • Install apps directly on the phone
  • SSL encryption on request
  • Simple user interface

Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK – Unlimited Money/coins

You don’t want to wait any longer to update weapons and unlock more? Download Unlimited Money Mode now and kill zombies like bosses! If you install an application from an unknown source, you could put your device at greater risk. Clicking on an application to install it from unknown sources may cause malware on your device.

In addition, some hackers may be behind unknown sources to steal your data. But here the case is different; We’ve set up our blog with hundreds of articles, especially for well-known ones. Before a file is muted on a blog page, it is tested and tested in various ways. So you can download the game with your eyes closed. Install and enjoy.

Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK

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