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1.1.4 对于Android
Android 5.0+
11月 22, 2022
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About SohoZ Live TV APK

Today, cricket and football are very popular games. Watching the game live is possible with SohoZ TV Live Apk.

With SohoZ TV Live Apk, you can watch all of the world's sports channels and your favorite sports through this app. It is very popular for Android users. Most of the games are broadcast live on GTV Live, PTV Sports, T Sports, and Start Sports, which are the most popular channels.

Live cricket on GTV on SohoZ TV

By using SohoZ Live Live ApK you can directly enjoy cricket games and football games without any buffering. We show you without delay how you can enjoy any game.

If you want to watch the game live through GTV channel, download SohoZ TV Live App. Once installed, you can enter the SohoZ TV Live app and select the channel that is broadcasting the game you want to watch.

Stream live football with SohoZ's live TV apps

The Sohoz Live TV Apps allow brothers and friends to watch any kind of football game. In addition to T Sports, BT Sports, SonyLiv, and SuperSport, you can watch all the popular football games around the world. To download the app, click the download button. Please wait 25 seconds for the app to download.

下载 SohoZ Live TV APK 对于Android

SohoZ Live TV APK 是可在我们的商店中使用的Android应用。 您可以下载所有版本,包括最新版本- 1.1.4 SohoZ Live TV APK 是安装次数超过10,000,000的应用。 如果您要在设备上安装 SohoZ Live TV APK,则应具有 10.0 MB 可用空间,并且您的 android 设备也需要具有 Android 5.0+ Android OS版本或更高版本。 SohoZ Live TV APK 由开发人员 SohoZ 以 Sports 的类型创建。

ApkClone 提供了 SohoZ Live TV APK 的所有版本,您可以将其直接下载到您的手机或任何 android 设备上。您应该按照上面的链接进行下载,在其中您可以看到许多下载应用程序的链接。 当然,您可以在 PC 上使用 SohoZ Live TV APK,因为您应该使用模拟器。 我们网站上的所有应用和游戏仅供个人使用。 在 Android 上免费下载 SohoZ Live TV APK