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3月 19, 2021
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Want to get a legit paying social media platform? Download Lyka and delve into a whole new world of interests, friends, photo sharing and earn Lyka gems instantly!

About Lyka App APK 3.5.11

There are many social media platforms that are very popular right now. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit and more. These social media apps are viewed by billions of users every day and are unlikely to change in the years to come. But if you are looking for a new social media platform to download Lika.

Lyka is a brand new social media platform that has reached over one million downloads on the Google Play Store. At first glance, it is a combination of many popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. In addition, there is an exciting digital points system that rewards users for every commitment on the platform. This is not a new concept, but this platform is one of the few that does it well.

Connect and Earn

There are many social media platforms that we use today. Most people have multiple accounts and use them frequently. From Facebook to the latest TikTok, there are many ways to connect with different people from around the world. Almost everyone now shares the same skills and the word social media is now obscure.

Lyka is a new kid on the block who now has a million people on her platform. Here you can meet new friends, share photos, find items, send and receive messages, video chat with friends and family, and more. Basically everything here is possible that you can do in Facebook. However, the most important is the digital point system. In short, the platform rewards users for participating in the platform. You can earn something called Lyka GEMS which you can then use to buy items at Lyka Mall. Here you can reclaim your gems for things like gadgets, flights, lodging, food certificates, clothing toys and more.

Why should you use Lyca?

Straight away, you will see that Lyca is not like your typical social media platform. Although it is inspired by popular people, it has a special system. Why should you turn to Lyka?

  • Meet new friends - Lyka allows you to meet and connect with friends on most social media platforms like Facebook. Here you can add people and make them your friends. Then you can also post photos, videos and text. Basically, it works just like any other social media app you use today. The only way to do this is to make money by doing tricks here, which we will talk about later.
  • Share photos, send messages and make video calls - Because this is a social media platform, this is where you can share photos, send messages and make video calls. It’s a social media platform where people can connect and do everything through a shared social media app. You can also create group chats for different people in your life. Then there is the option of loneliness, which allows you to separate different people such as family, friends and colleagues.
  • Digital Point System - The difference between Lyka from popular social media platforms is that you can actually make money playing around here. You can earn Lyka GEMS by doing all sorts of things in the app. Each action brings out different gems and allows different items to be redeemed in the mall. The point, however, is that this compelling system enables people to get involved and earn. This is a great feature compared to spending hours on Facebook or Instagram without getting rewarded for your commitment.
  • Lyka Mall - This application is used to earn Lyka gems which can be used to unload various items. This includes clothing, toys, gadgets, food certificates, flights, accommodation and more. Prizes vary widely so it's up to you to make the right amount so you can give it back.

Download Lyka APK - the latest version

Lyka is a great social media platform that is different from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Combine different items and fry them now

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