UVideo APK (TikTok Equivalent App)

Download UVideo APK – Create your life story on video. APK is an entertainment app for Android. The latest version is customized for different devices. You can choose the UVDO APK version that will suit your phone, tablet or TV. We support all Android devices like Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, Vivo, Motorola.

By choosing the right version, the UVDO app works better, faster and uses less battery power. You can test the version for other devices running on your device.

Almost every day we spend our online browsing time just watching videos. We may have different interests, attitudes, and perceptions about the things around us. But when it comes to watching short clips, we can all watch the festivities in one place for hours at a time.

Here we have submitted an application for you that will keep you stuck on the chair for hours. You can download the latest version of apk file for your Android phone and tablet from our website.

About UVideo APK

It’s an app for Android phones and tablets and it’s actually called Uvideo. It is designed to bring an endless stream of small and compelling content to our smartphone screen. However, we have to tell you that this app has a majority Indian user base.

It is built as a tool of status building. You can create your own, explore what other people have created and download what you think is good and interesting. Always keep it as WhatsApp status.

If you are familiar with how well known mobile application ticket ok works. We can then associate the function of this particular application with the ticket ok.

They are exposed to endless clips rotating one after the other. You can’t leave the next one. Because the app ensures that you only get clips of your choice.

This means if you are in a funny video. The app, to keep you entertained, brings all the weird and funny clips, until you can watch and jump next time.

You can become a star here. Just get the U Video APK and start your journey right away. Over time, you can build millions of fans and become a world-famous influence.

UVideo APK Details

Name UVideo APK
Current Version
Size 39 MB
Developer Name KT Nuclear
Category Entertainment
Required Android Android 4.4+
Update On 04 July 2020

Download UVideo APK

Download the Uvideo app directly without a Google Account, without registration and without registration. Our Uvideo APK system stores older versions, trial versions, VIP versions, which you can watch here. In our free time we like to watch all the videos. U Video APK is a new treat for everyone who shares this taste. This gives you access to unlimited fun videos. Create, view and download. Whatever you want

What is UVideo APK

UVideo APK is a highly rated video status application in India that allows you to explore, create, download and share all your WhatsApp status requirements.

UVideo APK is a first-class new video mode community for anyone who can easily edit their new daily videos or photos in an exciting mode and share their daily life stories and moods.

Download Uvideo today, create your first creative video position that will benefit millions of fans, and take the opportunity to impress Lavidio.

Features of UVideo APK

  • Add background music: You can edit your videos or photos by adding UVDO Trend Music or your local music to a music video. Uvideo background songs are just fantastic.
  • Popular Status Topics: Uvideo recommends the best mode topics for you so that you can put your normal videos or photos in different moods, such as sad mode, love mode, trend mode, inspirational mode with high status. To change from
    Many templates like “I Love You 2”, “Flower Magic”, “Love of Roses”, “Love Fire”, “Thunder” can really improve the quality of the video.
  • Video Editing Features: You can also perfect edits by adding filters, stickers, quotes or setting cropping, trim or background sizes.
  • Share your life story and be influential: Do you dream of the possibility of going viral? Uvideo makes it easy! Uvideo could soon expand its fan base by sharing its life stories! Enter your daily life and try to record every life story you want to share as situation, love, life hex, talent, cooking, educational knowledge, useful knowledge, inspiration, attitude
    Uvideo has set itself the goal of providing a platform for talented video artists. Everyone has the opportunity to make recommendations, watch billions of videos, become a superstar or a coil and take advantage of future performance opportunities.
  • A huge content library with unlimited video statuses for WhatsApp: Love, Separation, Sad, Emotional, Inspirational, Romantic, Shayari, Lyrics, Festival, Sweet, Couple, Inspirational, Holidays, Greetings, Dialogue, Sexy / Love Video, Teak Talks Video Come Medi, Sad Video Status, MP Gana Video Status etc. We promise to give you very little data for each video.
  • Download Free Free Unlimited Video Status for WhatsApp: Uvideo brings all kinds of video statuses to WhatsApp based on your feelings like love, sadness, music, heartache, inspiration, family, friendship and more. You can download high-quality video mode for WhatsApp TSP for free and share it with your friends and family.
  • Friend Status: Get your friends’ latest status automatically
  • A wonderful new feature called Mac Motion Photos: Move Image is now online. You can animate a really static photo and take a very nice moving photo.
  • MP3 as ringtone: Uvideo can set favourite status music as ringtone. For example. Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi songs etc. You can set the ringtone in 3 seconds.
  • Multiple Languages: Languages ​​We provide content in various Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Urdu, English. You can always find good video mode for WhatsApp in your language.
  • A social community for finding friends: On UVDO you will meet many interesting people by sharing the status of the video. Like the video, comment and find friends on UVDO today.

Download UVideo APK (TikTok Equivalent App)

UVideo APK is another addition to apps like Ticketlock. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and reach millions of viewers. You can become a free star. In addition, you can socialize and display an unlimited amount of unlimited content. Tap the link below.

Download UVideo APK

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