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About World of Tanks Blitz APK

Tanks are the ultimate vehicle in times of war. They can quickly cover a lot of land and get high firepower. This is the reason why every army in the world has many major battle tanks that can be easily adjusted in an emergency. If you like tanks, download World of Tanks Blitz APK today!

About one hundred million Android gamers have gotten used to the strangeness of this game. In this PVP shooting game, build and customize your own tank and take part in tank battles where real players from around the world are represented. There are endless upgrades and customizations that you can build even with your tank. The more you win, the more gold you can get to become more powerful. Play with friends, neighbors and random people now!

Tank Battle

Have you ever watched a war movie or show and been amazed by the scenes of Tank War? These scenes always feature the best action sequences of the entire film. If you like tanks, you should play the role of World of Tanks Blitz APK! This MMO PVP game lets you fight in 7 × 7 format. Play with allies and dominate the battlefield!

First, you will practice shooting the tank to maneuver and use it. Then you will be parked on a battlefield full of action packed with other enemies. After winning, you can purchase upgrades and customize different parts of your tank. You can switch devices, add camouflage and buy consumables. However, if you earn XP and Gold, you can also choose from 400+ powerful tanks! These tanks are put into service from Tier 1 to Tier X! There are also various maps to play and you should use the terrain to your advantage in battle.

Features of World of Tanks Blitz APK

Tanks are important machines in combat. They provide a lot of support to the land army and are largely destroyed by enemies. Here are the features of World of Tanks Blitz APK.

  • Fun MMO PVP - There are currently many PVP and MMO games available. However, only a few focus on tanks. They are mainly shooting and role-playing games in which some elements are involved. But what if you have a game where you can play as a tank against another tank? World of Tanks Blitz is a similar game! In this position you will fight in teams against other tanks. Eliminate enemies using the best strategy and secure the enemy base! There are a lot of fun action-packed scenes that can be seen in the game. Cover the walls and fight your way.
  • More than 40 powerful tanks - no tank battle in the same game! There are literally 40+ tanks to choose from. They are subdivided into each of the following ranges from Category 1 to Tier X. As you level up, you'll have the option to unlock multiple tanks! Show your strengths and choose a tank that suits your style and personality.
  • Upgrades - As you win more PVP battles, you'll get XP and Gold. In the world of Panzerblitz you can upgrade many items on your tank. From the tank itself, you can add a ton of gear, weapons and camouflage. There are a lot of things you can tweak to suit the type of battle and the level of enemies you are facing. Keep winning and improving to jump on the leaderboard!
  • Fighting real people - While fighting AI tanks is a good practice, there is no point in fighting real people! Can show its power against real people around the world. This is a different type of multiplayer shooting game.
  • Cards and prizes - more than 25 battle zones with their own specialties. Cover the enemy tank while shooting. There are also lots of daily prizes for you and for the in-game event.
  • Clans - Don't be lonely! You can clan or join the World of Tanks Blitz APK. Play with a friend or create a group and go into the game together. Take part in the tournament to win amazing prizes. There are so many things together.
  • Functional graphics - the game brings you the most realistic tank game experience ever! From tank design to the battlefield - no details left.

World of Tanks Blitz APK - Latest Version

Do you like the ultimate tank war game? Download today and play World of Tanks Blitz APK. Enjoy the real fight!

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