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Aero Insta APK v14.0.2 APK

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Android için
Gerekli Android:
Android 5.0+
Tarihinde güncellendi:
Kas 29, 2020
45 MB

About Aero Insta APK v14.0.2

Make Instagram more accessible to you. Insta Aero is an application that makes many of IG's features easy to use. This means that many errors and problems that already exist in the application have been removed, corrected, or removed.

If you don't quite understand, download the app to see our full meaning.

Insta Aero Main features  

If you prefer the Insta Aero app for Android, it comes with some of the best features. This will definitely make your Instagram experience much more accessible and unique. However, the app is not difficult to use or download.

So, check out the different aspects and functions by reading below

  • Remove any posts you like. This means you can hide any old posts you already selected. If it has already been viewed and responded to, why would you watch it again?
  • Instantly find out if someone is following you through your profile. Now, you don't have to keep scrolling through your followers list so you know if someone is following you. Instead, take a look at your own profile and see what the deal is.
  • Other than that, you can download all the content without any content. This includes stories, IGTV videos, roll videos and other content. If you can see and enjoy it, keep downloading it.
  • Now you also have the option to protect your privacy. That said, if you see someone’s story, they don’t need to know. When you read a message, the person will not be notified with a popup. If you start writing a message right away, it won't even appear on the other person's screen. You are 100% safe and your privacy is under control.
  • You can also disable Instagram's ability to collect your information for your analysis. This is part of the data protection factor, but more specific. Your information or data in your entire account cannot be processed by the IG application for analytical reasons. Therefore, when looking at statistics and other analytical information, it does not take into account the overall ratings and statistics given to other users.
  • Sometimes the sound does not turn on automatically when you scroll down the video on IG. At this point, you need to tap the video to start the sound. Well not now. You can edit your sound settings at a stage where these videos will automatically start with their own sound. You don't even have to tap to start the sound.

More minor details to note:

  • You can view the full profile photo in full HD quality.
  • In addition, these photos can be downloaded to your Android device in the user profile.
  • Videos can be edited so that they don't start automatically when you scroll through your feed.
  • You can also fast forward or rewind these videos.
  • You can also copy profile bios and comments to your device's clipboard.
  • Links can be opened directly from the app.

There are other features as well, but you will need to download and use the Insta Aero application for experience them.

Insta Aero apk free download

You now have the option to download the app manually. Select the link to download the APK file directly to your Android device. In a few minutes, Insta Aero will become part of your apps library.

The best part is that the app takes up no space. And you save mobile data because the app doesn't cost much. That being said, you should at least have no reason to try the app for yourself. There will only be one reason if you don't have an Instagram account yet. In that case, you will first create an Insta account and then come back.

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