Ragnarok ORIGIN(라그나로크 오리진) APK

Download Ragnarok Origin CBT runs for a week from May 7th to May 13th, and everyone on the Ragnarok Origin website has completed pre-registration. Even if you have not yet pre-registered, you can still enjoy CBT by visiting the website and requesting in advance.

Ragnarok Origin APK was the focus of local fans and industry before its launch, as the game’s performance takes full advantage of Ragnarok’s originality and is never the highest level of pronounced quality.

Users’ expectations of Ragnarok Origin’s CBT news are also rising, which is around the corner as it is expected to be released in the third quarter.

About Ragnarok Origin APK

Ragnarok Origin APK is a mobile MMORPG developed by Gravity. Players can experience a variety of sports activities such as fishing, farming and mining in the authentic world of Ragnarok.

After announcing two tests for the latest Korean version of the Ragnarok origin, Gravity is officially available for download for Android and iOS from the Korean store. If anyone is interested, don’t wait. We also have an APK to download. The new pay generation of Ragnarok mobile games can be run through various simulations.

Ragnarok Origin APK is a new mobile MMORPG game. The latest version has been developed. In the Chinese version, which is still open for testing, but in the Korean version, which can be played in beta version, this game version will be modern in quality of graphics with new and more interesting gameplay. You can find more details on the fansite.

Am I confused when I try to play well? Yes, today is the day for players who have been waiting a long time for the Ragnarok Origin APK game. (Chinese site Ragnarok Online Online Translation: Also known as A First Look at Love), he turned to CBT in Korea, which was completed in both iOS and Android camps. The Korean people were reduced by gravity. And look at me. Friends who want to try it today, the team has created a way to exchange the Android system. However, come to see below.

Ragnarok Origin APK Details

Name Ragnarok ORIGIN(라그나로크 오리진) APK
Current Version 2.7.3
Size 87.02 MB
Developer Name GRAVITY Co.
Category adventure
Required Android Android 4.4+
Update On 09 July 2020

Download Ragnarok Origin APK

The article will discuss and discuss everything related to the Ragnarok Origin APK. Includes discussion of the basic functions and gameplay of the game. The download requirement and the download process are also discussed while referring to the download links, which provide access to the latest version of the game.

Ragnarok Origin APK Review

Gameplay will be presented in a Turn-Based style that will alternate attacks between us and the enemy. Which the system is not complicated In addition to fighting, the game also has the function of catching dinosaurs, which in the beginning Of the game, the system will teach to capture thoroughly, so don’t be afraid And the game will have the function of changing the strategic plan for your friends The plan can be freely designed. The position of the dinosaurs can affect the action by anyone. Seriously need to study a bit.

At the beginning of the game, the system will allow players to choose their own avatar. There are a total of 8 characters, each of which will have different physical characteristics. And we are also able to tweak the details of the face and hair colour a little.

The game StoneAge World will tell the story of an island named “Nice”, which was once attacked by mechanical creatures. But with the power of the brave able to seal the evil enemy But there are still people hoping to resurrect this mechanical creature. Players must play the role of a trainer who must travel to find a partner and fight with enemies who hope to destroy his home soil.

How to register to request participation during CBT.

  1. Friends must first register on the website. So that our user is already registered when entering the game.
  2. To log in to the system, click on “Gold Frame at the top right” (like number 1 in the picture). A frame is
  3. displayed as shown below. Let us choose the system to use.
  4. Here, the team wants to use Gmail because it’s so easy for Android users to understand.
  5. Select the Android / iOS system
  6. Enter the Korean number. it’s a little difficult.
  7. Press the first two check marks
  8. After adding all the parts, click to confirm.
  9. If it is successful after clicking on confirm, it is confirmed that it is successful. Like the picture below
  10. In the last step, click to start the game and download the patch as usual. Click here to accept the next terms and then have fun together !!

Features Ragnarok Origin APK

  • A new game that fully embodies the spirit of Ragnarok Online.
  • Make sure you get a new raga rock with a remake look and improved gameplay.
  • Feel the emotion again as you go through the cycle of the original story.
  • The famous cities of Ragnarok have been reborn with beautiful and spacious graphics.
  • Enjoy a fantasy life full of skills like gardening, mining and fishing.
  • We have presented the new Ragnarok experience in its most beautiful and complete way.

Download Ragnarok Origin APK – Latest version

Ragnarok Origin APK Android Game If you want to download Ragnarok Origin APK for Android, you are on the right page to congratulate. On this page we will learn that Ragnarok Origin APK Android Game and it’s latest version app will get you a direct link with one click to download, so you can easily download Ragnarok Origin APK, Android adventure Game.

Download Ragnarok Origin APK

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