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Toy Blast Mod APK 8105 APK

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Android 4.1+
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mar 30, 2021
135.30 Mb

Download Toy Blast mod APK – latest version – on Android to get a great match-3 puzzle game that will provide a real challenge and give you hours of fun.

About Toy Blast Mod APK 8105

Toy Blast MOD APK is one of the most popular puzzle games on Android right now. The game has very simple mechanics - you just have to pop a cube of the same color to clear the board and earn points. The more cubes you clear, the more points you get. Easy!

The game is adventurous and colorful, making it ideal for children to play with - as well as adults who get bored at work or at work. With over 2,500 levels and more added, you can safely say that you will probably never finish the game. That said, if you’re bored and enjoying yourself right away, you can always get back into it.

Easy and Fun to Play

The game has unique challenges every day, including tournaments, bonus levels and level-up challenges. This additionally prevents things from getting boring and repetitive. Toy Blast APK has a lot of things that will keep you entertained for months to come.

This is a special kind of match-3 puzzle game. Your objective is to help a girl named Amy to collect her toys by matching two or more blocks of the same color. But it's not that simple. There are many bonuses that you can use to delete multiple colored blocks from the card at once.

You can add two blocks to make a bomb, then blow up most of the board to make way for Amy's toys. It may be familiar to other Match-3 games, but there’s a lot under the surface that sets it apart from the crowd.

Tips for Playing Toy Blast APK

There are many things you may not remember when you first play the game. Read through these tips to make sure you get the right score every time. The best score to complete a level is three stars. You want to get them every time so you can spend the stars and coins you get on the upgrade.

  • Place Special Blocks: Special blocks on the board can be used to perform unique skills. However, if you keep them until the end of the round, you will get more points and this will ensure that you get a good score overall. .
  • Use the timeout trick: If you want to regain a lost life, you have to wait half an hour per life. However, there is another way to get around this. Just go to your phone settings and add a few hours. The next time you go to the game you have regained your lost life. This trick means you can keep playing even if you get out of life.
  • Link Facebook with Coins: Linking the game to your Facebook will get you 25 coins. This is enough for very little effort. Alternatively, you can pay 2 for thousands of coins, but who wants to participate with their money?

Download Toy Blast MOD APK - Unlimited Coins + Live, Infinite Booster

When you want to get all the coins you want, download Unlimited Coins + Lives, Infinite Booster Mod for Toy Blast APK. This makes the game more fun.

Baixar Toy Blast Mod APK 8105 para Android

Toy Blast Mod APK 8105 é um aplicativo Android que está disponível em nossa Loja. Você pode baixar todas as versões, incluindo a versão mais recente - . Toy Blast Mod APK 8105 é um aplicativo que possui mais de 10.000.000 de instalações. Se você for instalar Toy Blast Mod APK 8105 em seu dispositivo, ele deve ter 135.30 Mb espaço disponível, também seu dispositivo Android deve ter Android 4.1+ versão do sistema operacional Android ou superior. Toy Blast Mod APK 8105 foi criado pelo desenvolvedor no gênero Puzzle.

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