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Download Top Drives APK Free - latest version mod to test your knowledge about cars and collect your dream rides without actually spending a dime!

About Top Drives - Car Cards Racing APK

Want an addictive yet real car game? Become a motorsport manager and decide which car is the best. It’s better to feel who really completes the finish line first. This is the only game for car enthusiasts!

Think it's just a normal racing game? Top Drives - Car Cards Racing APK is not just about racing. You need to take on the role of motorsport manager and strategically plan your way to victory. Decide which cards to play and when to play, sell or merge. Schedule every move or you go down!

Simple gameplay

What makes this car racing game different is the simplicity of how you play the game. Do you see these kids tilting their screens and focusing on every turn? You won't do that here. This is actually a very good thing because you don’t want to see your eyes on the screen or see them in public from your phone.

Those of you who are collectors will take you back in time. Do you remember when you collected the cards and put them in your pocket sleeve? You feel the same way! You will be equally happy to open a new package and the statistics of these cards are really real. Also, as in the past, statistics play a big role in the game.

The strategy goes a long way

As we have pointed out, your strategy is an important part of the game. Your knowledge about cars will help you a lot. The statistics you are dealing with are real. Therefore, it is equally important to see what the given numbers are for the type of car and tire that is best for drug management. This part can be difficult!

At the beginning of the game, you do not have a large selection of cars. There will come a time when you will also have duplicates, which is quite common. When strategy comes into play. Do you see these 5 games in the picture above? You have to think carefully about which car in your hand gives you a chance to win.

Take your decisions seriously because once you accept them, that’s the point. You can't rearrange it. Sometimes you have to make tough calls, and this is especially true if you are a true motorsport manager.

Infinite content

It is almost certain that the top Drives will entertain you as long as you play it. If you win and are replenished by new cars from time to time, you can upgrade your existing collection or merge it with another. This is usually a favourite of players for more packs!

After feeling like a winner from the first challenge or winning a match, you have to face the second level. A new level that is definitely difficult and where you may need to rethink your strategy. Note that it can take a few days to figure out which one beats your opponent out of your car. Roads and weather conditions play a role in determining whether or not you will actually reach your destination.

Different game modes

We meant business when we said when you don’t get bored with this game. There are many levels and continents to win in single-player mode. You also have an event mode where you have different themes and new special events happen every day! Not to mention, you have a challenge mode in which you constantly face difficult levels. On the bright side, if you beat the boss, you'll get his car!

Here's the thing: We're sick of playing in front of the computer all the time, right? Plus, after a while, we note an example and hang on to the same strategy that spoils the thrill and excitement. This is not the case with such an amazing game! Top Drives has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends. This is also the time to expand your collection and how well you know the car.

Tips for playing Top Drives - Car Cards Racing APK

  • Build Your Garage - A good rule of thumb is to equip yourself with different cars and wheels. Then imagine a good mix in your hand. You want to get a car that will work well on the road f-road track.
  • Repeat each level - here's a secret: do you remember the cards you clicked after each match? This is a total of 15 cards. Gain more money, cars and experience by re-entering the level and clicking on the cards you left.
  • Pay attention to conditions and statistics - before mentioning your car, make sure you understand the road and weather conditions. Then mix it with the right tire and vehicle type.
  • Go to each figure - in addition to the clearly visible figure on the face of the card, try to flip the card. This gives you a better understanding of how your car performs. It is best to compare numbers with your opponent during the game. It gives you more profit when you win!
  • Upgrades and backups - Now you can understand what kind of cars you have, their stats and their tire types. The next thing you should do is upgrade your cars! Don’t pick your stock parts and expect to win every time.

The first is to update each part. This requires money in the game but mostly the difference between your car and your opponent is a better engine!

After upgrading to the maximum, it's time to merge! The merger of the cars increases their capacity. New upgrades will also be unlocked!

Download Top Drives - Car Cards Racing APK

Repeat levels can be tedious and tedious just to get multiple resources. If you're not interested, you shouldn't be forced to watch these ads! Don't waste gold, download it now!

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