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Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 0.2.00 APK

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Android 5.0+
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abr 02, 2021
54.30 Mb

Download Smash Colors 3D APK Latest Version free for Android. Use simple controls to smash circles to the rhythm of the music.

About Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 0.2.00

Rhythm games have always been fun for everyone. These are not your typical games; They need a lot of skill and familiarity. If you can't keep up with Smash Colors 3D game, then you're left behind.

So download Smash Colors 3 for Android to enjoy thousands of minutes in the addictive game. Share more fun experiences not only for yourself, but with all your friends. Compete with them to see who can get the best score.

How to Play?

First of all, you need to understand the basic controls of the game. Anyone can play on the first try and easily understand how it works. Merge into a perfect combination of clear purpose and addictive gameplay!

Hold your finger on the screen and drag the ball in different circles to crash. In doing so, you need to avoid any parts that are not colored like your ball. Also, you need to try your best not to miss any part of the relevant color circle on your ball. If you can do this, stay in the game.

Meanwhile, you need to coordinate your movements so that they match the rhythm of the music. Be sure to hit the combo and increase your score to get higher rank.

However, not as easy as you think. Parts keep moving even when resized. Also, your ball may change color during the run. This will add more depth to your gameplay. If you can't keep up the rhythm, it's the best you can do!

Features of Smash Colors 3D APK

Features can create or break games for humans. However, Smash Colors 3D has been created using these various functions. If you haven't downloaded the game yet, this is a good chance to understand more. And if you've already started playing, you've got something to improve your gameplay.

So read through the offer.

  • Super to understand the controls in the game. Something so simple that everyone can enjoy the game.
  • More than 100 different songs to make everyone happy. There is a song that all kinds of people can enjoy.
  • In addition, a wide selection of different objects, budgets and scenes.

This is just scratching the surface of all the features of the game. So keep playing and learn more and more features and keep going. If you haven't already, download Smash Colors 3D for Android.

Smash Colors 3D MOD APK Free Download

If you want to enjoy the rhythm with some extra features, you can also download Smash Colors 3D MOD APK. However, these additions aren't too big to change your overall gameplay. Plus, you can break your rhythm colors without worrying about using too much mobile data or storage.

So not only do you save the above information when you choose the improved version, but you also download the game much faster than usual.

With that in mind, if you want to experience many more similar titles without running out of storage space, we recommend downloading a different version of the Mod APK.

Baixar Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 0.2.00 para Android

Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 0.2.00 é um aplicativo Android que está disponível em nossa Loja. Você pode baixar todas as versões, incluindo a versão mais recente - . Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 0.2.00 é um aplicativo que possui mais de 10.000.000 de instalações. Se você for instalar Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 0.2.00 em seu dispositivo, ele deve ter 54.30 Mb espaço disponível, também seu dispositivo Android deve ter Android 5.0+ versão do sistema operacional Android ou superior. Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 0.2.00 foi criado pelo desenvolvedor no gênero Music.

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