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Android 4.4+
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mar 24, 2021
87.54 Mb

Download Dig This! APK to test your skills in physics and quick thinking by trying to guide the ball to the cup. Dig a path for the ball – but don’t drop it!

About Dig This Mod APK 1.1.29

If you are a fan of puzzle games you will love it. Dig This MOD APK is to find a way to dig so that the green ball can find its way to the cap. Of course, the ball doesn't always run by itself - sometimes you have to find a way to make it.

The game was developed by Racketspell - the same people who did Duck Race and Two Birds - and it was his favorite sport. It's easy, but it will challenge you equally. Adventurous and colorful graphics as well as fun soundtracks ensure an enjoyable overall game experience. In short, you will be amazed at any moment!

Bring the Ball Home

You just dig a path with your finger so that the ball turns into a cap. You have to make a ramp and sometimes you have to recoup the ball and fall due to a rock to move it. Just make sure you don’t lose the ball - sometimes it falls into the water and then you lose!

With over 400 levels, various balls, bombs and other cool features, you will be amazed for a while.

Dig This MOD APK - No Ads

Now go to the game for free and say goodbye to boredom from now on. Dig it it will keep you entertained for hours. Good luck!

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