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Android 5.0+
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sep 26, 2022
102 MB

About Queen Blade Limit Break APK

'Quirimi' is a turn-based RPG where beautiful fighters from the "Queen's Blade" series fight fiercely in full-auto mode. The HTML5-based idle RPG Queen's Blade: Limit Break is a free-to-play game. A turn-based auto battle setting features characters from Queen's Blade Unlimited as well as some new characters.

Based on the popular anime of the same name, Queen's Blade Limit Break is a free-browser RPG game.

Learn all the secrets of the magical land as you journey through its nooks and crannies. Go into battle with your own powerful team of beautiful girls. Set your team as you like and see how it performs in battles. Collect female warriors, continuously develop them, and equip them with better equipment. You can play with people all over the world, join a guild, and conquer the server together!

What is Queen Blade Limit Break APK?

This RPG game explores an unknown world with sexy female warriors called "Beauty Warriors". In search of her sister Reina who is a nomadic warrior, Erina, one of the beautiful fighters who has reached a different world, goes on an adventure journey. Despite being a simple full-auto battle, it has a deep strategic nature due to the way the fighters are arranged. Moreover, by increasing the liking for the beautiful fighters, the "service illustration" for each character will be lifted. It's time to raise the strongest beauty fighters to worship the cool and sexy beauty fighters without hailing.

Features of Queen Blade Limit Break APK

Despite being left alone, the beautiful fighters go on adventures to improve themselves. 

  • Dash campaign now underway! Get a free gift if you log in 3 days in a row 
  • Free 100 consecutive porridges! You can get luxurious rewards for 8 days 
  • 5 beautiful fighters every single day! As soon as you clear the main stage, you can recruit 
  • Five beautiful fighters! There are a lot of super advantageous gift packs available! 
  • Only 24 hours left! Ten consecutive porridge challenges can be redeemed for 100 yen each! 
  • Limited Edition! With the purchase of a 10-yen gift pack, you'll receive 5 Luna Luna! Let's nurture our ties with beautiful fighters and reach the top of Queen's Blade together.

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