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Bleach vs Naruto
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Android 5.0+
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sep 08, 2022
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About Naruto vs Bleach 3.3 APK

An anime-style blood fight game, Naruto Vs Bleach Apk. Characters from Hue Ying and Bleach appear in the game. If you want to fight, you can do so. Throughout the game, each character's character is completely re-established. For gamers, the classic game of skill is ideal. The charm of fighting games lies in the level of persecution, in the real sensation of being hit!

Which characters are stronger, bleach or Naruto? Many fans of these two famous series want to know the answer to this question. So let's immediately begin the Naruto Vs Bleach game. A gathering of anime stars including bleach and Naruto characters. Players can directly role-play their favorite characters in this fighting game. With powerful techniques that are not inferior to those used by your opponents on the other side of the battlefield, you can compete with them.

Battles between eight-pounders and half-pounders. Naruto versus Ichigo or Sasuke versus Ishida could be the matchups. Each character is perfectly portrayed, from their personality to their strength. Featuring a classic background, the game offers players a beautiful fighting art experience. Start enjoying the classic confrontations now by choosing your character.

What is Naruto vs Bleach APK?

A smart improvement is that users are the only ones who can increase their addiction to the game. The Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk is an excellent adaptation since it is free and was created by Kizuma Entertainment. The best Mugen game was created by him. Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk was created by him. Kazuma is their YouTube name, and they have a fair amount of traffic on their channel. During the development of this game, another creator was very helpful. Kazuma and Makoto Itu are two producers from the UN agency making this exciting game. During their play activities, they both deal with their confidence issues.

I've played some fun Android games like Fun Riders Tourney and Power Warriors, but they're all average games with limited customization options. In terms of Bleach vs. Naruto, this game is one of the best ever. A survival mode and many characters with special tasks were added to the game. The survival mode is really nice. There is no other way for you to improve yourself after training mode. There are options for team play and single play in this game. When playing in a team, you can easily play 2v2. A game replaces the arcade option, in which characters compete against each other.

Features of Naruto vs Bleach APK

  • All characters are already unlocked - What's amazing about this APK is that you don't have to unlock anything. This is why you don't have to fight behind coins.
  • Join a team - you can choose up to three characters, but you will fight them one by one. Choosing the enemy is entirely up to you, and you can choose to play 1V1, 2V3, 3V1, or whatever you like.
  • In a single game - you choose one fighter and one enemy and fight to the death.
  • Arcade with 10 levels - One arcade has ten levels. Choosing your favorite fighter and facing random enemies is possible.
  • Arcade Team - Choose from 1 to 3 characters and compete against three opponents at once. There are 10 levels to complete and their frequency can't be changed.
  • Training mode - In training mode, all fighting techniques can be learned. The extra and final attacks, the combo, the defense, the key charge, etc.

Key Features

  • Jumping and running
  • Punching and kicking
  • All characters have three types of small super attacks
  • There are three types of ultimate attacks for all characters
  • For attacking, instant transmission is available
  • Transmission for dodging in an instant
  • The transformation of Next forms
  • You can choose assistance characters and use them in battle.


Characters in the two series are listed below with full roles, including:


  • Main characters: Ichigo, Ishida, Rukiya, Orihime, Chad Yasutora.
  • Supporting characters: Kariya Jin, Yoshino, Toshiro, Masaki, Sawatari, Mayuri.
  • Villains: Ichibei, Kisuke, Zaraki, Haschwalth, Uryu, yama.


  • Main characters: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Sakura.
  • Supporting characters: Kakashi, Gaara, Rock lee, Itachi, Jiraiya, Sarutobi, Minato, Senju, Killer Bee.
  • Villains: Tobi, Madara Uchiha, Deidara, Orochimaru, Kisame, Kakuzu.

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