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Mini DayZ 2 Latest APK 0.5.28 APK

4,2 (6)
App door:
Bohemia Interactive a.s.
voor Android
Vereist Android:
Android 4.4+
Bijgewerkt op:
mrt 22, 2021

About Mini DayZ 2 Latest APK 0.5.28

Today the world is in a state where many viruses run. We are in epidemics and for most of us it is not an easy situation, but we are alive. In Mini Days 2 you may find yourself in a similar situation, but in a much worse world where the virus has spread everywhere. Here you just have to find people who will live and become their leaders. Then go to different places in search of food and weapons.

This game of Bohemia Interactive. The fallout is similar to the series in which you have to survive. As you meet more survivors, try to grow the base of the operation and grow your community. You can then find locations and hunting weapons as well as food. Check your morale and health and keep up!

We live in a world today where we are constantly battling a virus that is spreading around the world. Life today is hard to live with, but in Mini Days 2 you will live in a world where the virus has spread everywhere. Here you have to find survivors who are scattered all over the place. Build a community and foundation so you can live your life safely. There are many dangerous places and places where guns and food can be found.

In this game, your task is to lead a group of survivors and build a foundation. Then you have to go to different places to carry out raids and get weapons, food, and other items that will help save you. Here you have to fight many elements to grow plants and survive. You can also open blueprints to make homemade weapons and devices to protect yourself. There are many places you can see here but you have to be careful.

You also need to look for appetite, morale, and infection rate for yourself and your group!

Features of Mini DayZ 2 APK

In a virus-ridden world, nowhere is safe! Mini Days 2 - Try to survive and lead a group of survivors.

  • Survival in this world - Our world is insecure and we can be infected with viruses at any time. What we feel today has already expanded to another day that you must save humanity. The world is in chaos and you need to collect the survivors to build a base. This is where you need to take these people to safety and do whatever you can to survive. To do this, you have to venture to different places to collect food and items.
  • Going to different places - in this game, almost anywhere is dangerous. But once you get to different places, you have to deal with all sorts of things. From the forest to the streets, there are many places you can visit to get things done. Food and loot items that appear on the streets to save you. There are many places to go, but most of them are dangerous.
  • Find Survivors and Build a Base - In Mini Days 2 you have to go to different places to find survivors. These people are scattered everywhere and only you can keep them safe. Once you have done this, you need to find a convenient place to set up the base. Here you have to do whatever it takes to survive, e.g. B. Plantation and plants etc.
  • Fight the elements and enemies - in this game you have to face many zombies and dangerous animals everywhere. You need to arm yourself so you can fight them and stay safe. But you can also find valuables in different places so you have to find them all.
  • Unlock Blueprints - You also have blueprints that you can use to create weapons and weapons. This is useful when dealing with dangerous animals and people. Try to collect as many weapons as you can!
  • Gather food and resources - this is where you should check your team's health, morale, and infection rate regularly. Always try to stay healthy by gathering food and resources. You never know when something might go wrong!

Mini DayZ 2 Mod APK - Latest Version

Get ready for the apocalypse in Mini DayZ 2 MOD APK! Stay alive and get food and weapons now in this game.

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