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App door:
Altenburg Rachel
Versie: voor Android
Vereist Android:
Android 5.0+
Bijgewerkt op:
jan 13, 2023
661.3 MB

About Micro Survivor APK

It is as if you have suddenly become a tiny ant and are at the bottom of the food chain when you wake up. Strange and dangerous things have suddenly happened in the familiar world.

In an unknown microscopic world, you and your friends will face blades of grass the size of skyscrapers, terrifying spiders, and raindrops the size of cannonballs.


You'll encounter a bizarrely familiar microscopic world by crossing a puddle like a lake, climbing grass like a skyscraper, and avoiding raindrops like cannonballs. Your friends and you will search together for useful resources and materials to survive in this dangerous new environment.


A blade of grass, a can, or anything else can become your shelter. Build a unique and safe base camp in this miniature world by letting your creative side loose. You can also collect materials to craft home decor and plant mushrooms to cook a feast. In the end, what is the point of surviving if you aren't actually living?


The majority of creatures you encounter view you as the bottom of the food chain, and spiders and lizards view you as a delicacy. However, you can domesticate insects such as ants, make weapons and armor, and fight against evil creatures with friends. Don't give up!

There is a new adventure beginning, and whether you survive this microscopic world depends on your actions!

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