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feb 25, 2021
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Do you love racing games with a unique element? In ABC Runner, you’ll play in track races with different quiz points! Answer them as quick as you can to win!

About ABC Runner Mod APK

Over the years, runners and puzzle games have become a big deal. There are lots of fun games in these genres, but ABC Runner seems the most unique. This is why the game combines quizzes and races! The game, published by Joypack, now has over a million downloads. Here you create a completely new fusion of a racing game that will amaze you.

In this game you will enjoy a variety of racing games that introduce you to different racing drivers. Then there are quiz stops along the way. But you have to answer these challenging questions before you can move on! For example, you will be asked to name a game that starts with "S". The faster you respond, the faster you can move! Win the game and get tons of prizes.

Race and Answer Quiz

Have you ever played a racing game? There is a high probability that it is a car or a running game. But today you can play something else, ABC Runner. With this game you can race and answer at the same time! Because of this, you can experience different games every time. But the best thing is that you should try to answer as soon as possible.

In this game you have to do a lot of AI every time. Play against. You can even enter your name and receive lots of prizes! There are many rounds that start with 1000 players. Each round has different questions that you raise. So you have to think fast! Here's how to win. However, you only need to order from 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th to qualify. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. There are also lots of skins to unlock!

Features of ABC Runner APK

Do you want to play a different racing game this time? It's time for you to enjoy ABC Runner! Everything here is different from your usual racing game.

  • Run & Quiz Answer - Do you like racing games where you aim to win? How to combine two different aspects in one game? ABC Runner is a game that combines running and quizzes into one fun and exciting game! Here you compete against 999 other players in several rounds. The format is that you play against 4 different players at the same time. Here the system generates a random letter that forms the basis for each round of questions. You will then be asked questions about each obstacle. For example, you will be asked for a name that starts with the letter "W". After accepting your answer, you can move on to the next hurdle.
  • In this game, 1000 people are playing in each game - a lot of rounds. But it’s all AI and you’re the only person playing. But in each game you mostly play 4 and 3 against the other. There are a lot of players here who move into each round. There are usually more than 10 rounds to play unless you only deal with one other player. But to win you have to react faster than the other player! But sometimes the game does not accept unusual or straightforward answers. So that's a general answer that the game accepts.
  • Different Skins - To make the game more exciting, there are many skins that you can unlock with coins here. They are all unique and amazing so try to collect them all. You will then receive an additional bonus after each game which will be answered by you. You can get up to five times the price! However, if you watch the video ad, you will get a lot of diamonds as well as bonuses.
  • Satisfactory Graphics - ABC Runner is not a normal game to play when you get bored. This is where you need to focus and use your fading all the time during the competition! Obstacles are designed to prevent players from progressing until they respond appropriately. But overall the visual and sound effects are excellent!

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Enjoy a new racing and quiz game called ABC Runner MOD APK today! Download the latest version and win forever!

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