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Android 5.0+
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4 17, 2020
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Download Save Her From The Zombies mod APK - latest version - free to embark on a zombie-slaying adventure of love, action and drama.

About Save Her From the Zombies Mod APK 1.0.0

Genius Studio, Japan This Japanese style zombie game is a beautiful and action-packed zombie killing game in which you will play many different characters. You are in a zombie infected mansion in search of your darling sister whom you believe is trapped inside! The story begins with the secret of your sister Iko that she saw recently and is under pressure ... What could that mean? The game balances the classic JRPG story with zombie killing actions.

With a strong focus on storytelling from other genius games like My Ninja Girlfriend or Stepster, it adds love, romance, respect and more to the easy plot to play. You make decisions for the development of the game and you complete a series of different characters with a horde of zombies and a spooky haunted mansion. Like other games of this genre, every decision affects the plot. You can play it again to find new stories in this brand new talented game.

The Story of Save Her From The Zombies APK

You are a high school student who lives with your younger sister named Iko. She is a simple girl and your school life is very simple. They have an excellent time with day and day. However, a week later, Akki comes to talk to you about a feeling she recently had. It's almost like someone is watching him and he's worried about his safety. Is it stupid that it's a real problem? Save her from the zombies to find out!

The Beginning of the Story

After a while you find yourself following a haunted house in the forest in search of your missing little sister. Is the icon inside? To find out what’s in it, you need to take the first step on the threshold. After a while you find out that the whole mansion has been washed away by the blood soaked corpse and your sister is trapped somewhere! But fear not, you are not the only girl in the mansion because there are three other people out there to help you. You can make friends with them, make them romantic and help them get away from the villa!

Your Choices Matter

Throughout the story you will have many dialogue options when you interact and discuss with other female characters in the mansion. It will be hard and easy choices to make, whether it’s the main story of rescuing your sister or you want romance in these troubled times. After the storyline, you move on, finally leave the game and choose what happens in the end! If you like these types of games from a talented studio, it’s a beautiful story with heartbreaking moments.

The Different Features of Save Her From the Zombies APK

The story has talented studio games about different characters, and save them from zombies is no different. While the story focuses on finding your sister Iko and rescuing her from the zombies in the haunted mansion, the game quickly revolves around your relationship with three other girls in the mansion: Miyu, Carrie and Valerie. Here are some details about these girls!


Miyu is a caring girl whose qualities still show how difficult it is to live in this spooky mansion. Despite the extreme pressure and intimidation, Miyu offers caring words and affection. However, like all great characters, she also has some major issues. Problems that can be a threat to a haunted mansion. Can you help her survive and reach the full potential of her most important qualities? Miyu may be your favorite character, but wait until you know the rest of the way before you make a decision.


Karrie is looking for a very close friend in the mansion, but her depth is beyond the depths and surrounded by zombies! She is a strong girl who tries to do a lot on her own, but may need help later. A lot of people think she’s a strong and independent girl, but get to know Karrie and you’ll think she can get involved in a show. In fact, it is softer and more delicate than you might think. He will need your care and affection in the villa and will be a strong companion.


The third and final character is Valerie, probably the strongest girl in the villa. He is an experienced kendo master, on a rescue venture and finds his best friend Miu in the mansion. He has the idea to take on many zombies with his fighting skills, but his tough nature means he lacks emotional support when searching for his friend. If you can go there to support him and take care of him in difficult moments, he will return the favor by becoming a strong and fierce ally to take the corpse.

How to Play?

If you like story-based adventures, save it for download from Zombie. Navigate the mansion, talk and have fun with the girls. Save her from zombies today and immerse yourself in this amazing and romantic world to save your little sister!

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