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Kitten Match Latest APK 0.17.0 APK

3.8 (4)
Android 용
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Android 5.0+
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3 10, 2021
146.76 Mb

Have you ever wanted to adopt a cute kitten into your home? Download and play Kitten Match and complete puzzle challenges now so you can buy things for cats!

About Kitten Match Latest APK 0.17.0

Do you like cats when they come straight to your home amidst a blizzard you can resist them? If not, now is the time to play the kitten match and handle the kitten! In this game you will adopt cats and do all sorts of challenging puzzles to buy things for them. More than a million people have enjoyed the game. Why don't you

This puzzle is not easy because it has cute kittens. Kittens are the ones you will embrace and face challenges so you can feed them, take care of them, dress them up and play with them. Enjoy a combination of different items to earn medals! There is a bunch of kitties for you to collect so you have to solve puzzles to transform your room wonderfully!

Adopt cute Kittens

Can you resist kitten agility? They are wild, they are beloved and they fill our lives. Mobile game kitten match, you accept kittens who are trapped in the cold storms in your ordinary accommodation. The problem is, you don't need a lot of things to give your cats a break.

This way you will complete the puzzles. You can play challenging puzzle levels in the game. The puzzle itself is a mixture of individual elements on the screen. However, you need to customize them if they are a specific color. After successfully solving the puzzles, you will receive medals that can be used to buy various essential items for your cats. This provokes the heat, food, medicine, clothing and everything else needed to rebuild the house. Free to care for different types of cats and share them with your Facebook friends for free items!

Features of Kitten Match APK

Do you currently have pets? If you like cats, you'll love kitten matches. Run it now and see what Fuz is - here are its features.

  • Interesting story - one night you were enjoying your time at home alone when you suddenly heard someone begging for help. This is not a person but a cute kitten! How can you resist the agility of this snowy cat? That’s why you decide to adopt it and make it part of your family. In the game, the cat can speak and it tells a story. But after taking it, you can now understand that your home is not comfortable for a kitten. This is where the fun begins. To win a medal, you now need to solve a puzzle that will allow you to buy items for your cats.
  • Adopt Cute Cats - After a cat is adopted, more cats beg for your help. They’re cute and small, so you can’t resist letting them go into your home. That means your other cats now have playmates, but it also means more responsibility! Then you will have to complete more challenges to get many medals for your cats. In this game there are different colored cats for you to adopt like Black Forest, Orange Forest and more!
  • Complete puzzles - in this game you have to solve puzzles to get the prize. These puzzles are similar to Candy Crush, where you swipe for identical objects. There are over 1,400 levels to complete, which means you can get a lot of medals! Depending on the level, you will only be asked to receive a few items and the difficulty and reward will increase as you progress.
  • Buying Different Items for Home and Kitten - Another fun part is where you can buy different things for your kitten and your home! Buy groceries, medicines, clothes and renovate your home! You can change the wallpaper, furniture, floor, lighting and more. When you have a lot of medals, a lot can be changed. Feel your cats at home and take care of them by winning lots of medals!
  • Cute graphics - in this game, cats are beautiful and their eyes are big! The design of the house is also amazing to look at. If you are going to solve a puzzle, Kitties will follow you too.

Download Kitten Match MOD APK - Latest Version

Love kittens and puzzles? Download Kitten Match MOD APK now and complete the puzzle to buy lovely items for your kittens!

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