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Godus Mod APK 0.0.60 APK

5.0 (1)
Android 용
필수 안드로이드:
Android 4.1+
업데이트 날짜:
4 11, 2020
51.97 MB

Download Godus mod APK – latest version – for Android to take on the challenging role of God himself. Nurture your followers through the ages – or rain fire on them.

About Godus Mod APK 0.0.60

Be God and see the culture growing before you. Download Godus APK for Android and play the role of God and make your culture great for ages. Godus is one of the most incredible mobile simulator games we have ever seen. It helps you to shine the world with the touch of a finger and move people for centuries.

Godus APK 22 is developed by Cannes and has millions of downloads and over 700,000 reviews on the Play Store. Thanks to his innovative concept and incredibly satisfying gameplay, he won many Android gaming awards.

You Will Become God

Godus, you have many options. Godus wants to bring joy to his followers and enable them to create their own working culture, without worrying about the dangers of war, condemnation, nuisance or famine.

But being God is not always easy and you face many challenges during your tenure. The main goal of the game is to play God as best you can - not by fooling your followers into foolish devotion, but by showing them the way to knowledge and progress.

Ground manipulation You can change the layout of the country with the touch of a finger. It's simple: just move the screen and you'll drag around the water, climb straight up the mountain and give your followers space to build settlements.

Keep them happy: Your followers need inspiration, and you can help them experience it by showing them miracles and great gifts. Keep them happy and they will worship you reverently - fail and they will turn to other Godus. This is not good.

Create a Culture - Your Way: The best thing about God’s APK is that you can create a society that reflects your vision. You can be sure that humanity is not doing bad things by keeping an eye on your followers and enjoying inspiration.

Tips for playing Godus MOD APK

Being God over time is a full-time job. Here are some useful tips to help you in the early stages of this fantastic and complex game.

Give information to your employees

The workers are tired and their morale is low. You can prevent this from happening by tapping on it and selecting the boost option. This allows them to build faster and ultimately increase their level of happiness.

Simple diamonds

Unlock the swamp map to get a smooth diamond. This map will allow you to create swamps on the Wahal settlements that will destroy them and let you cut diamonds from your temples. God can't always be good ...

Destroying old houses

The finger of God can be used to destroy old houses (or your entire colony ...) and pave the way for new and better things. Use it when you want to upgrade your settlement and remove some of the less useful buildings in it.


Your enemies, Astori, will try to attack your colonies. Intimidate them to boost their morale. You can do this by building sculptures around, immersing them, or strengthening your settlements with mountains and water.

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