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FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 APK

3.1 (963)
Android 용
필수 안드로이드:
Android 4.4+
업데이트 날짜:
4 03, 2021
42 MB

Download FMWhatsapp APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you’re looking for a decent WhatsApp alternative to disable restrictions!

About FMWhatsApp APK 8.65

If you have a smartphone these days, it has WhatsApp installed. According to a report, WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries! With this instant messaging service app, it's almost 2/7 place in the world!

Although this application is simple, it has its limitations. For example, you can't send more than 30 photos at a time. After that there is a maximum video size of only 16MB. In addition, the developers have imposed a number of restrictions to prevent spam. It's good for some, but not for others! That’s why so many people are looking for an alternative. Don't look any further! Meet the Fmwhatsapp app, a WhatsApp option that gives you all the features you like more than the original one! Strange? Please see this article for more information!

The Ultimate Alternative to WhatsApp APK

Fmwhatsapp APK is a very popular and widely used application all over the world. There is an instant messaging service that does all this. Messages can do this by sending online messages, calls, video calls and documents. And in most countries where Skype and social media websites are blocked, this is a lifeline. However, as more and more people started using WhatsApp, countries began to realize it and even blocked the app.

That’s why people are always looking for the next best thing. An app that has the same features you like. Meet the Fmwhatsapp app page - a mode of the original WhatsApp that can break the restrictions and restrictions imposed on you by the government and developers. It is a revolutionary app that lets you take advantage of all the features that are expected by WhatsApp. But it doesn’t end here, this app will add extra security for you as it brings more to the table. Excited to learn more? Read more about its features.

Features of Fmwhatsapp APK

Through the Fmwhatsapp app, you can enjoy all the features you know and choose. You no longer have to settle for unsolicited applications that don't even work properly. But did you know that Fmwhatsapp APK includes its own functions in addition to the normal functions? You are here:

  • App Lock - This app is about data protection. Of course, you can use a third-party application or your system settings to lock each application. But sometimes it doesn’t get it. In these cases, you can use the application function directly on Fmwhatsapp APK! This fantastic feature allows you to lock the app with a pattern or PIN of your choice. That way, no one can read your messages if they have your phone.
  • Privacy - In terms of privacy, this application takes great care to keep you safe. Bored of people you saw the message because there is a blue check mark next to it? Don't you want to write an answer either way? Or if you’re recording, it’s not a pleasant view, is it? Don't worry because Fmwhatsappapp will get your back! Now you can hide the blue check mark, another check mark, tap status and recording status! How safe is this app!
  • Media Sharing - As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is a powerful application, but it has many limitations. That’s why people are working so hard to find alternatives. You can send more than 30 pictures at a time with the FMWatts app. In addition, you can exceed the file size limit for documents. No need to worry about using third party apps to send large media files as FMWhosApp makes it possible!
  • Emojis - Who doesn't like emojis? In addition to the emoji in your system phone, you can browse the extensive collection of emojis that Fmwhatsapp APK offers! There are emojis for Facebook, Emoji One V3, Android 0 Emoji, Stock and many more! You no longer have to search or use third-party apps to use emojis because they have too many in this app. Never see or use emojis that affect your family and friends before!
  • Anonymous Message - What happens when you want to send a message or call someone without saving the number? This is not possible through normal WhatsApp. But thanks to Fmwhatsapp APK everything is possible! This feature is a lifeline if you ever want to send a text message to someone. To do this, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and tap on "Message number one". Then all you have to do is enter the number and send your message! As simple as.
  • Disable forwarding tags - When we forward messages in Fmwhatsapp APK, we see a tag called "Forward". This is usually not a problem, except that some people find the message unreliable or questionable. Thanks to Fmwhatsapp APK we can hide this tag and forward any message without worrying! Forward all messages to your friends and family and enjoy this feature.
  • Select contacts to call - for some reason, you may not want to receive some calls from some people. We understand that you should not be bothered while using WhatsApp. Fortunately, the Fmwhatsapp APK has a feature that blocks calls from some of the people in your contact list. Now, you don't have to manually block calls from people you don't want. It is automatic and not in the original WhatsApp app.
  • Anti-Delete Status - If someone posts a story in status mode and immediately deletes it, no one will see it. This applies to the original version of WhatsApp, but in this version you can see if they can delete their post! This gives you a lot of power and an unfair advantage over others because only you can see stories that other people cannot.
  • Anti-Delete Messages - Also annoyed by not being able to read deleted messages from the sender? Are you just dying of jealousy? Thanks Fmwhatsapp APK, you will never do that! Now you can also read all deleted messages. You may be aware that the sender attempted to delete the message because it indicates that "this message was deleted". Pretty nifty, isn't it?
  • Customization - In the original WhatsApp, if you're tired of the theme, you can't change it. It works just that way, but thanks to Fmwhatsapp APK you can now browse different topics. Choose a theme that suits your style and make full use of the app. It's all free!

다운로드 FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 Android 용

FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 은 스토어에서 사용할 수있는 Android 앱입니다. 최신 버전 ( )을 포함한 모든 버전을 다운로드 할 수 있습니다. FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 은 설치 횟수가 10,000,000 회 이상인 앱입니다. 장치에 FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 을 설치하려는 경우 42 MB 공간이 있어야하며, Android 장치에도 Android 4.4+ Android OS 버전 이상이 있어야합니다. FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 은 Communication 장르의 개발자가 만들었습니다.

ApkClone 은 FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 의 모든 버전을 제공하며 휴대폰이나 모든 안드로이드 기기에 직접 다운로드 할 수 있습니다. 위의 링크를 다운로드해야 앱을 다운로드 할 수있는 많은 링크를 볼 수 있습니다. 물론 에뮬레이터를 사용해야하므로 PC에서 FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 을 사용할 수 있습니다. 당사 사이트의 모든 앱과 게임은 개인적인 용도로만 사용됩니다. Android에서 무료로 FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 을 다운로드하세요.