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1.6.1 Extra per Android
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Android 4.4 and higher
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set 30, 2021
1.92 GB

About My Cute Roommate MOD APK

An adult audience of gamers can enjoy My Cute Roommate (18+). The choices that affect the plot story, the dialogues, and of course the frank content are all present here in full. The protagonist just graduated from high school and is now going to another city to study at a college. He will live with a relative who he hasn't seen since childhood. Even though he is not happy about this, the delights of the big city compensate for all its disadvantages and problems. When he arrives, it is evident that everything is not as he imagined. There are temptations and desires waiting for him where he did not expect them.

The day of our protagonist's high school graduation finally arrived. His cousin (whom he hadn't seen since he was a small child) is a once fat and ugly bully of a cousin, and to move in with him so he can go to college, he needs to move in with him in the big city. Take advantage of this opportunity to plunge into student life full of drive and debauchery.

MOD Features

These mod Features will help some people to get through the game easier​.

To add hearts to all girls it add 10 points each

  • Anna Heart +10
  • Trener Heart +10
  • Salesgirl Heart +10
  • Nurse Heart +10
  • Dean Heart +10
  • Etc..

To Add Items to your inventory

  • Arousing Oil
  • Screwdriver
  • Sex Pills
  • Sleep Pills
  • Etc..

To add maps location onto the map

  • Jamal
  • Gym
  • Dorm
  • Collage
  • Library
  • Store
  • Emily
  • Barbara
  • Doctor
  • Office

Other Cheats

  • Dean Trap
  • baddream

Update My Cute Roommate MOD APK latest version

Because each update is notified by the same apk, it is recommended to have the application in its latest version for many reasons. New content added by developers is one of the main reasons. Secondly, it is important to maintain 100 percent functionality since it is a free app. Many channels expire at some point, so the developers have to update the server so that it will function optimally.

You will not be able to host My Cute Roommate MOD APK on your Android, since it is optimized for this terminal. The download will be easy, when you enter, you will be able to navigate the platform since it will be suitable for you. There is a way to see this wonderful content that My Cute Roommate MOD APK offers us on larger platforms, continue reading this post in which we will inform you in great detail.

How to install My Cute Roommate MOD APK on your Android device

We have to make sure that third-party apps can be installed on our Android phone before we can install an APK file that is not from Google Play Store. 

If you own an Android phone, you download most apps from Google Play Store. Additionally, third-party sources offer Android apps in the form of APK files to download and install. An APK file can be installed on Android by following a three simple instructions, but some Android settings are required before it can be installed. You must first prepare your device's settings before installing the APK file from third-party sources. The second step is to download the APK file onto your Android device. Finally, open the APK file on your device to install it.

1. Allow unknown sources

As a third-party application, My Cute Roommate MOD APK is not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you need to download it from a third-party website. Hence, before you proceed with the download and installation steps of My Cute Roommate MOD APK on your Android phone, go to Settings -> Security of your Android device and under 'Device Administration' toggle on the option of 'Unknown Sources.

The security setting can be found under the "Security" tab or under the Setting menu. In general, this option indicates allow installations from unknown sources. However, the newer versions of Android phones operate differently.

2. Download

To download our application, simply click the "Click to download the application" button at the top, after waiting for 8 seconds on the page that opens, the application will automatically download to your device as an apk file. The downloaded apk file will download to the download section of your device. you can find.

3. Installation

Our application is very easy to install, after downloading the My Cute Roommate MOD APK file, clicking on it and clicking the install button will give a security warning, you need to allow unknown sources by logging into the security section of your device's settings.

A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of My Cute Roommate MOD APK


  • The APK is very easy to use, even for beginners.
  • There are a lot of outstanding and useful features in it.
  • The app does not have any limitations.
  • There is no charge to use it.

Negative aspects

  • Google does not appear to check if you download games from third-parties all the time. Consequently, this poses a security risk.
  • When you download APK files that contain viruses, your phone may be damaged or data could be stolen.
  • Your games may not automatically update because they don't always have access to the Google Play Store.

My Cute Roommate MOD APK Faq's

Is My Cute Roommate MOD APK Virus Free?

Yes, My Cute Roommate MOD is virus-free, it does not contain any type of virus or malware. It is 100% safe to use My Cute Roommate MOD APK. The app does not contain any malware or Trojans. Therefore, you should not worry about using it.

Does My Cute Roommate MOD need root to work?

Installing the My Cute Roommate MOD App does not require rooting your Android device. The movie streaming app does not require any special access. You can install and use it without rooting your device. However, if your device is already rooted, you can also enjoy the app without any issues. For both rooted and unrooted devices, the app offers the same features and interfaces.

Is it possible to play offline of this application?

The download feature has not been added to this app yet. For this reason, you cannot save any data. You only need to play using the interconnection, which means there is no possibility to play the app offline at the moment.

Why can't My Cute Roommate MOD APK be opened?

You may still be using the old version of My Cute Roommate MOD APK so app may not come to you. Also app will be coming soon. It is not officially published in your current version so you can't open it. Sometimes the channels may not work for you due to block from ISP. In that case you may need to use a VPN to enable to play the app.

What devices does My Cute Roommate MOD support?

My Cute Roommate MOD APK is available on Android and TV devices. Supports all major devices, including:

  • Amazon FireTV
  • Android Tv
  • Android Smartphones
  • Android Tablet

My Cute Roommate MOD App is free?

My Cute Roommate MOD APK is absolutely free to use, and you don't need to pay for anything. There are a few ads in between, but it is not intrusive.

Final thoughts

My Cute Roommate MOD APK for Android is a simple-to-use. It is a safe and secure app, you do not need to worry about privacy because it will never save any of your information. It is a powerful multipurpose app that can be used for multiple purposes. In My Cute Roommate MOD APK there are many more features.

Here is everything about the My Cute Roommate MOD Apk, please read and follow the instructions step by step, you won't have any problems with downloading and installing. Moreover, if you have any difficulty downloading and installing or want to share your feelings on [email protected] It's really fun to use the app since it has great features that make it more powerful and fun for millions of users. Go ahead and download the app and see what is waiting for you in My Cute Roommate MOD APK.

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My Cute Roommate MOD APK è un'app Android disponibile sul nostro Store. Puoi scaricare tutte le versioni, inclusa l'ultima versione - 1.6.1 Extra . My Cute Roommate MOD APK è un'app che ha più di 10.000.000 di installazioni. Se stai per installare My Cute Roommate MOD APK sul tuo dispositivo, dovrebbe avere 1.92 GB spazio disponibile, anche il tuo dispositivo Android deve avere Android 4.4 and higher versione del sistema operativo Android o superiore. My Cute Roommate MOD APK è stato creato dallo sviluppatore Astaros3D nel genere Entertainment.

ApkClone fornisce tutte le versioni di My Cute Roommate MOD APK e puoi scaricarlo direttamente sul tuo telefono o su qualsiasi dispositivo Android Per questo dovresti scaricare il link indicato sopra, dove potresti vedere molti link per scaricare l'app. Ovviamente potresti usare My Cute Roommate MOD APK sul tuo PC per questo dovresti usare degli emulatori. Tutte le app e i giochi sul nostro sito sono destinati esclusivamente all'uso personale. Scarica My Cute Roommate MOD APK gratuitamente su Android.