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Touge Drift - Racing Mod APK 1.6 APK

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for Android
Required Android:
Android 4.3+
Updated On:
Feb 21, 2021
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Do you love the racing anime series Initial D? If you’re looking for the perfect mobile game version of it, download Touge Drift & Racing today and race!

About Touge Drift - Racing Mod APK 1.6

Let’s face it, Early D is an excellent anime series that has generated a lot of interest in the Touge Drift & Racing industry. It has numerous anime asons and movies and has attracted millions of fans around the world. Today we are going to talk about a driving mobile game inspired by a series called Touge Drift & Racing. Created by Volodymyr Bozko, this work still impresses thousands of players!

The game first gives you the famous car of the early D protagonist named Toyota AE 86. It is a small car that is old and impossible to use while flowing. Still, Takumi dominates the powerful cars of the series. Experience the same thrill in this game! Enjoy 3 great locations and 14 unique cars!

Drift Like a Boss

If you haven’t seen the popular early D anime series, do yourself a favor and check it out now. This is a good and inspiring anime show focused on running and carrying on the mountain roads of Japan. Hero Takumi was floating over the mountains delivering tofu. They did this with a cup of water in the car and didn't spill a single one! If you think this is awesome, you can experience the same in Touge Drift & Racing!

Although they do not supply tofu here, the game allows you to ride the same AE86 and roughly the same route in the series. Be prepared to wade across the gap and score as many points. The faster you go and the better results and rewards you get as you go! You can then use your money to unlock the fast, powerful car that was also seen in the series. There are lots of places and improvements to do here. Most importantly, feel yourself part of the popular series (Cue the Eurobeat).

Features of Touge Drift & Racing APK

Can't wait to get your hands on the steering wheel? First, find out about the best features of Touge Drift and Racing!

  • Awesome Drifting Game - Are you a huge racing fan? How about the first D? Have you seen this popular anime series before? If you have, you must have had a terrible childhood! The series became a worldwide success. Suddenly a lot of people love AE86 and racing in general! Today we are going to talk about Touge Drift & Racing, which is also inspired by the series. Move your streets into AE86 and turn into a mountain river! Here you will try to make as many changes as possible in the shortest time possible. But what you see in anime is not so simple! But if you get it right, you’re in for some sweet treats.
  • 14 unique cars and upgrades - in this game you can unlock 14 unique cars to drive! First of all, you can run AE86, which is the core of the first D series. Even when the car is not very powerful and in it, when used properly it will gain enough torque and flow capacity. Try to imitate Takumi when you go down Togg Street and go to dangerous places. Then use the rewards you get to unlock powerful and fast cars! There are all kinds of FDs and racing cars that are infinitely more powerful than the AE86. You can also adjust your car and adjust the front lane width, rear lane width, front spacing and more. You can change tires, motors, pumps, steering wheels and more!
  • Race location - in this game you have to drive the famous tog road in the anime. There is a winding road in the mountains that will give you the flow you want. Then there are the city streets and other places you will enjoy. The roads here are diverse with stripes and more curves than you can imagine.
  • Drift School - Want to play toe drift and race but don't know how to drift? Don't worry, there is a drifting school that you can practice by going to the game and learning to drop everyone! Here you will learn the right techniques to use in the game.
  • Awesome Physics - this game has incredible graphics and physics that you, the driving fan, will enjoy!

Download Touge Drift & Racing MOD APK - Unlimited Money

Touge Drift & Racing MOD APK is a fun trend game inspired by the popular anime car series! Download it now and unlock all cars instantly.

Download Touge Drift - Racing Mod APK 1.6 for Android

Touge Drift - Racing Mod APK 1.6 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - . Touge Drift - Racing Mod APK 1.6 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install Touge Drift - Racing Mod APK 1.6 on your device, it should have 43.69 MB space available, also your android device need to have Android 4.3+ Android OS version or higher. Touge Drift - Racing Mod APK 1.6 was created by developer in genre of Racing.

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