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1.33.0 for Android
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Feb 21, 2021
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Download Tacticool APK – latest version – free to jump into a fast-paced 5v5 competitive shooter crafted for Android devices, phones and tablets.

About Tacticool APK 1.32.0

Tacticool APK is the answer to mobile gaming, a competitive 5v5 shooting game for Android, Counter-Strike and Valvent. With strategic gameplay, great control and a range of different characters and weapons, the game has a ranking system as well as many other interesting features. The game developed by Penzdog is regularly updated and supported by the development team. If you’re looking for something a little more intense to play on mobile games in your downtime, Tacticool is the same.

Yes, the game involves go tle deals, and these powerful weapons can be crucial in some situations. However, most of the fun comes from the game's ranking system, which lets you bounce against players with similar skills. This is great for these people as you start playing with other new players and as you progress you will find the games more challenging and more rewarding to win. Also master the physics, weapons and cars and you will soon become a skilled strategy player.

The Best Features of Tacticool APK

There are few competitive shooters on mobile devices, mostly because the controls usually do not meet a specific target. However, Tacticool has brought an intuitive system based on strategy and tactics as it depends on the ability to wield a weapon with your finger. It is very important to be together as a team. If you want to stop and admire the great graphics of the game, you can not leave your attention in the middle of the battle. Here are some of the best features of the game and why you should download Tacticool today.

Different tors parameters and classes

Classic competition shooters give you a lot of options when it comes to loading your character. Whether it’s character-specific training, unique skills and weapons, or just a simple cosmetic look, no strategic targeting is complete without a lot of twists. Tacticool has numerous opera operators with different skills (initially more than 20!) And it can clear all kinds of weapons. Play with a variety of loadouts, from sniper to heavy LMG, to find out what style of game you have.

Purchase and upgrade over 50 different weapons

In addition to the accuracy of over 50, there is also a large selection of different weapons for different operator classes. You can unlock by playing a game or paying real money for them. These weapons include pistols, LMGs, sniper rifles, assault rifles and more. Each weapon is unique and handles differently, some are good for short distances, some are better for long distances. By playing with different weapons you can upgrade your weapons to increase your power. This essentially enables more adaptation and variation in a competitive game.

Comprehensive physics based assembly system

This competitive 5v5 top third person shooter has a simulated combat system that uses real physics to keep the fight fresh. You can blow up cars, destroy covers and kill enemies behind walls. Many items scattered around the map can be destroyed for strategic gain, and over time you can begin to learn the intricacies of each map. The main difference between a beginner and an experienced player and card knowledge is that it makes up a large part of it. You can take a rocket launcher with you to experiment with different arenas .

Guns  and cars

Another great feature of Tacticool is that you can sit in the car and fly through the window with your team. GTA or Player Think of an unfamiliar battlefield and zoom out on your phone screen. This car makes a big strategic difference to any map, and the team you submit can create or cancel this dynamic. Pick your best driver, then who will shoot through the windows - put the right team together and you'll be really good at managing the car.

Zombies. yes there are zombies

Need a break from a competitive 5v5 promotion? Harassed by great 5 man teams? So zombie mode creates a certain rage on some confused zombies. This is a great way to warm up with some special cargo, weapons, tors paraters and a few more corpses to fly. Think about it - a good shooting game does not involve zombies? You can earn rewards and upgrades even when in zombie mode, so this is a great way to get started with the game.

Friends and Games for the Community Online in Tacticool

While jumping into a game by yourself is so much fun, Tacticool is a lot of fun with the ability to play with your four friends. This could be real friends who have downloaded all the games, or you can find other groups to play online. The game has a built-in social system that lets you send messages and add friends, but it also has a developer-supported Discord channel that you can use to find others to play with and make new virtual friends. Gather your team and beat opponents - it's so easy!

Tips and tricks

Here is a very quick guide for Tacticool as the game can already seem very difficult. MKVI Never upgrade a weapon that is lower than or it will be a waste of your precious game currency. Assault rifles are an ideal style to start with. They are mostly defensive, used to keep an angle and defeat medium range opponents. For more experienced players, offensive shotgun cracking usually works well. If you’re playing as a team, it’s a great idea to raise your voice even after you’re just listening to your team! In the heat of the moment, decisive battle intelligence can change the world.

Download Tacticool APK 1.32.0 for Android

Tacticool APK 1.32.0 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - 1.33.0. Tacticool APK 1.32.0 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install Tacticool APK 1.32.0 on your device, it should have 80.85 MB space available, also your android device need to have 5.0 Android OS version or higher. Tacticool APK 1.32.0 was created by developer Panzerdog in genre of Action.

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