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My Sweet Stalker Mod APK 2.0.17 APK

5.0 (1)
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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
2.0.17 for Android
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Updated On:
Feb 18, 2021

About My Sweet Stalker Mod APK 2.0.17

Dating simulation games are created to fulfill the dreams of people who do not have a girlfriend. Or you can take it as a game made for those who want anime girlfriend with just one game. Various games have already been developed for this reason, but the latest is My Sweet Stalker, developed by Genius Studios Japan Inc.

The studio is also responsible for many popular dating sims such as My Fox Girlfriend, My Fairytale Girlfriend, and more. Here you will play the role of a geek who is also a part of the anonymous anonymous online counseling network. Here you will meet 3 beautiful girls named Mei, Shiki and Tatsumi. These are girls who have unique personalities and are involved in your love life.

Meet Your Stalker

Many dating sims have entered the world of sports, especially from Japan. This includes anime characters and a unique story that draws the girls around the boy. Also, the story is something unique that has never happened before. If you want to run the same, you should download My Sweet Stalker. A product of a publisher who created multiple dating sims, is a feeling of great pleasure.

My Sweet Stalker is a dating sim with a boy and 3 girls. Here you will play as a student and gauk. Other than that, you have a secret and it means you are a member of the secret anonymous online counseling network. One day you accidentally advised the wrong girl. After blocking it online, things don't stop there. The hunter somehow regains your identity and will do whatever you do. Can you save yourself, your friends or will this mysterious girl do something to your heart?

Features of My Sweet Stalker APK

Dating Sim is an ideal game for those who want to make virtual girlfriends. My Sweet Stalker is going to play if you are an adventurous person!

  • Interesting storylines - dating simulation games always provide a great story in search of players. They do this because they understand that a great love story cannot be complete without running your emotions for free. Meet my sweet stalker, dating sim who can help you become a college student who is a geek. In addition, you are secretly part of the anonymous online counseling network. Members here are anonymous and people ask for all kinds of advice. But one day you accidentally advise a girl that it went wrong. Because of this, it warmed up very quickly, which is why it had to be banned. But after that, it starts to reveal your identity and then it becomes your identity.
  • Meet 3 Girls - This is where you will meet all 3 beautiful girls their way. The girls are Mei, Shiki and Tatsumi. In the beginning, Mei is your childhood friend who is close to you. He knows you're part of an anonymous anonymous online counseling network but has vowed to keep it. But now it seems to have become the target of your hunter! Will you be able to protect him or is it a secret that he will hide from you? Then learn in a library as quiet people. He is also a member of your computer club and he likes you. It is also the target of the hunter! What would you do in this situation? In the end, there is a tatsumi who is an amazing detective. She is Shaki's older sister and you appoint her to investigate her predator. As he and you get closer to the truth, you will gradually find that he thinks more deeply about you than this stalker. Who will you take care of?
  • Choose your choice - in this game you have to choose what to do in certain circumstances. Eventually, your choice of who you like or dislike ends. But whatever the ending, you will definitely end up with one of the 3 girls.
  • Awesome Graphics - In My Sweet Stalker, you will enjoy character designs that are all anime girls. Here you will admire history with different goals!

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Do you want to find the right girlfriend? Download My Sweet Stalker MOD APK now and get your true love.

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My Sweet Stalker Mod APK 2.0.17 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - 2.0.17. My Sweet Stalker Mod APK 2.0.17 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install My Sweet Stalker Mod APK 2.0.17 on your device, it should have 74M space available, also your android device need to have 5.0 Android OS version or higher. My Sweet Stalker Mod APK 2.0.17 was created by developer Genius Studio Japan Inc. in genre of Simulation.

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