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App By:
Cybrook Inc.
3.7.35 for Android
Required Android:
Android 4.4+
Updated On:
Sep 21, 2022
18.9 MB

About HomeSafe TrackView APK

This cross-platform software app connects your smartphones, tablets, and computers into one mobile safety net. Whether you are at home or on the go, TrackView - HomeSafe keeps you protected 24/7!


You can find anything from your kids to your spouse to your car. Find lost devices and capture thefts with them.


You can use your old phone as an IP camera to protect your home or any other point of interest from anywhere in the world.


As soon as events occur at home or in remote areas, you will receive an alert message on your mobile device.


With high-quality video and audio recordings, you can capture moments of interest for future viewing.


Two-way audio allows you to communicate directly with friends and family using push-to-talk.


You can locate your phone quickly by calling it with a remote buzz. If the device is in silent mode, it will still ring.

What is HomeSafe TrackView APK?

Swann Communications developed HomeSafe Apk, an online Android application. In order to provide an online security system, the structure of the application was designed with this purpose in mind. Users will be able to monitor and watch their home's security.

In the past, there was a dedicated watchman to ensure the safety of the homes. As time passes, people begin to perceive it as an additional burden. To ensure security, people must pay watchmen each month.

It is expected that the old system will be less effective and more expensive. The experts have therefore introduced CCTV technology, which has several alarm systems. As far as home security is concerned, it appears to be more effective and secure. Concern about the efficiency of the system remains, however.

Features of HomeSafe TrackView APKHomeSafe TrackView APK

  • Always on: All devices can be accessed even when they are in sleep mode.
  • Very low battery consumption: When devices are in sleep mode, battery life is conserved.
  • Super easy to use: a simple and intuitive interface with one-click connections.
  • Multi-network support: TrackView supports every type of network, from WiFi to 2G to 3G to 4G and beyond.
  • Automatic network switch: TrackView will automatically switch to the next network when the network switches between Wifi/2G/3G/4G. Users do not need to do anything.
  • Super high-quality video and audio: TrackView uses the latest video and audio technology to deliver super high quality at even very low bitrates and bad network connections.
  • Real-time and super low latency: Updates on events are provided immediately.
  • Universal accessibility: Use your devices anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Real-time tracking of GPS locations
  • Monitoring of video and audio in real-time
  • You will receive an instant alert on your mobile device if there is an event
  • As-it-happens remote recording of events of interest
  • Audio with two-way communication
  • Control of the night vision and flash
  • An automatic remote buzz that rings a device, even if it is in silent mode if it is missing
  • During sleep and background mode, the app conserves your battery life
  • You save money and get excellent video quality at low bandwidth
  • Google Gmail account and GDrive storage integration

How to Use It?

In order to use this application, you will need a tracking device and a tracked device, which we will emphasize once more.

With the Homesafe Trackview APK app, you can find out where someone is. Let's take a look at the following guide:

  1. The first step is to install the Track view app on both devices. The devices that need to be tracked, and which devices should be tracked
  2. Enter the name of the device after running the application
  3. Log in with the same Google account either on the device to be tracked or on the device to be tracked
  4. Tracking can be done by activating GPS on the cellphone
  5. Trackview allows you to track devices by clicking the folder icon on their names
  6. Then you will know the location of the target or partner phone you are looking for

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