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Feb 21, 2021
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About High Heels Mod APK 0.8.1

Sometimes women wear high heels to look professional or go to parties. These shoes are hard to wear for a long time. Some also require rigorous training and experience. Model runways also sometimes run when in use. But if you’re ready for another challenge today, try playing high heels.

With this game you can go in high heels. But the challenge doesn’t end there. There are so many obstacles in your way! Do you think that you have enough experience with high expectations? Try your skills and become a professional runway model in this fun action game. You will find many uses of high expectations that you have never seen before. Pay attention to obstacles and collect as many heels as you can.

Complete Levels in High Heels APK

As if walking on heels was not difficult enough, Zinga has created an obstacle course game that has you wearing your heels on the obstacle path. High Heels is an action obstacle game that can help you weaken those stiff shoes and overcome various obstacles. There are many levels to win and each one challenges different levels.

Wall obstacles and sometimes you may have to walk on a narrow beam to cross buildings. But you should also collect the shoes that are spread around the court so that you do not lose this game. This is because at some point you will have to face obstacles that you cannot overcome, which can cause you to lose some shoes. Regardless, the game is endless fun that allows you to collect diamonds and a variety of heels. Now you have to play this game and get rid of your stress! Become a high heel queen and demonstrate your skills in overcoming obstacles, races and obstacles.

What can you expect in High Heels APK?

Have you ever tried to wear high heels? If you do this, you should know that wearing shoes is not so easy. High heels you wear on a crazy obstacle course!

  • Go to many levels - in high anticipation you will pass through the level with all the waiting time. However, you need to be careful because the road is full of various obstacles. Sometimes there are blocks in the road while sometimes you have to cross buildings with sticks. Overall, you will need to use your balancing skills and various developed techniques to complete the level. He does this while collecting various items along the way. There are diamonds as well as keys. Not to mention the need to collect paragraphs to overcome obstacles. The higher you reach the finish line, the more prizes you will receive.
  • Diamonds and heels - in paragraphs you need to collect diamonds and heels as well as keys. They are all spread out on the map so you need to try your best to avoid various obstacles. The question is, can you beat the level and get the prize?
  • Collect different bodies, gems and heels - in high heels you will have the opportunity to unlock various items like heels, jewelry and body. There is plenty to unlock. There are different bodies with different faces and skin colors. There are also unique paragraphs that you can use. There is a rainbow colored, with a gold and a small wing. Then you can decorate your character with ornaments like crowns, bracelets and feathers!
  • Fun gameplay and fluid graphics - this game has cool graphics and animations that will not let you down. Courses are built on buildings to challenge you more and more. Overall, you will really enjoy the good animation provided by this game.

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Ready for a heel run? Download high heels MOD APK now and enjoy the various obstacles.

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High Heels Mod APK 0.8.1 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - 0.8.1. High Heels Mod APK 0.8.1 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install High Heels Mod APK 0.8.1 on your device, it should have 51.55 MB space available, also your android device need to have 4.4 Android OS version or higher. High Heels Mod APK 0.8.1 was created by developer Zynga in genre of Action.

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