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Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.313 APK

4.0 (10)
for Android
Required Android:
Android 4.1+
Updated On:
Mar 26, 2021
89.62 Mb

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon APK – latest version – Free for Android to experience a brand-new hunter simulation game with pixel graphics. Ready for an adventure?

About Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.313

Simulation games are common these days. Mostly, however, it’s about zombies or aspects of existence like that. More and more games are coming out of this genre, like The Last Days on Earth: Survival and more.

Every now and then, some creative developers find new ways to reproduce this style in us. Evil Hunter Tycoon APK is an RPG simulation game with 8-bit pixel graphics that fills your melancholy soul. This is not a game like any other which will quench the craving for something new and special. Do you want to learn more about this gem? Continue reading!

A Demon Hunter Game

When we think of simulation games these days, we think of zombies or sims. However, the Evil Hunter Tycoon APK is no ordinary simulation game. It includes elements of an RPG game including a simulation genre.

In this game, you are in a remote city and you will embark on an epic monster hunting adventure. In this game you have to become the leader of the city and manage your city properly. Find wizards and warriors to get out of your city. Your job is basically to build your city and buildings to get resources for your hunting team. You can also sell items to get more cash.

With an interesting storyline, loving graphics and a never ending adventure you can get in the habit of Evil Hunter Giants in no time! Immerse yourself in a lifelong adventure when no one else has the same gaming experience.

Features of Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Now and then, in the sea of ​​newly released games, there are some gems that you will find. Evil Hunter Tycoon is one such game because the developers have made the game so creative. There is currently no other game that can make this opponent. It is said that here are the characteristics of the Evil Hunter Tycoon:

  • Pixel Graphics - When we look for pixel graphics in a new game these days, we automatically attribute them to cryptic graphics or old school. The 8-bit pixel graphics in Evil Hunter Tycoon can certainly be described as old school. It's full of graphics for an RPG aspect and a great storyline game. Also, it's not an FPS game so it went well. Although the graphics are in pixels, you can clearly see the details of each of the game's budgets. They are as elaborate as possible - from grasses to houses and characters that go unnoticed.
  • Recruiting Hunters - The main task of this game is to recruit hunters. Your hunters are the ones who protect your city from the monsters that are trying to destroy your city. Recruit and raise them!
  • Train Hunters - Because your hunters are responsible for the security of your city, you need to train them to make them stronger. There are 4 different classes of hunters. There are top excellent hunters who are shown randomly in the city. If you're sure you've met them right away! You can also invite top tier hunters with items to protect your city from monsters.
  • Rare Materials and Treasures - You can also find various dungeons to find rare items and treasures. You can use this stuff to your advantage and make your predator stronger! The game has a lot to collect.
  • 33 Unique Hunter Personality - In Evil Hunter Tycoon, hunters appear randomly in your city. Before you hire them, it is important to study their properties first. There are 33 unique hunter celebrities you will encounter in this game! Make sure you want to research them so you can recruit hunters related to your ideals and your city.
  • Design your city - in this game you are the head of the city. This means you are responsible for construction, crafts, sales and training hunting! You can build various facilities like infirmary, restaurant, tavern, inn, gun shop and more. Make sure your hunters can use these features easily as they will save your city from the glimpse of monsters. This is your city so you have to decide what it looks like and how the buildings are designed. Whatever you do, always keep efficiency in mind.
  • Unique gameplay and easy control - as this is a simulation game, all you need to do is simply tap on the objects. You don't need complex controls to move or build a character. The controls are just as straightforward. Unlike FPS games, you don't have to confuse or master it before playing the game.

Tips For Playing The Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Although the game may seem simple at first, it has some complex elements that you can only master through experience. To help you out, here are some tips for playing Evil Hunter Tycoon:

Only recruit first class hunters - in this game you invest a lot of resources and time in raising your hunters. This means raising their level and equipping them with the best tools, learning skills, characteristics and more. Therefore, for the best possible results, you need to recruit top-class hunters. Don’t waste your time on “n” rare hunters because their stats are low. Get as many S, H and L fighters as you can. This way, you can get gold very easily by killing monsters.

Always keep in stock - in Evil Hunter Tycoon, when your HP is low your predators stop fighting, the mood is low, they are hungry, and endurance is low. So you always need to make sure that your rest restaurant has adequate supply of food, rooms, bars and drinks like rent / inn / inn / sidewalk. When your hunters lose these figures they will automatically go into these buildings. So it is better to prepare them and keep them whole. You should stock up on more passive gameplay so you don't have to worry about fighting your predatory monsters.

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Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.313 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - . Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.313 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.313 on your device, it should have 89.62 Mb space available, also your android device need to have Android 4.1+ Android OS version or higher. Evil Hunter Tycoon APK 1.313 was created by developer in genre of Simulation.

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