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Feb 18, 2021
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About Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK 4.12.1

If you're an anime lover, you probably haven't heard of Dragon Ball before. It is very popular worldwide for cellphones which were first introduced in 1986. Although it was published more than three decades ago, it is still widely used today.

Great gameplay

The hardest proof of this is the sequel to the game that released the Dragon Ball title. One of the most recent - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a hugely successful film in the mobile game industry. What contributes to this success and what is this game? Let's find out now!

If you’re not familiar with this epic anime, it basically tells the story of Super San Goku and his quest to find the Dragon Balls to save the Earth. He is surrounded by people he is friends with. Together they fight the invaders and try to destroy the planet.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD APK - Meet the famous warriors to protect the Earth from enemies. But it's not just a pointless fighting game, it's much more complex and fun. The game uses match 3 puzzles in order of battle. Other than that, it still contains some action and RPG elements.

In this game you will see round balls with different colors. The hardest part is arranging them to attack, defend or increase power over the same color. What makes this game unique is that each character has their own strengths and skills that go with them. It is a puzzle game of all sorts of combinations to struggle with thinking. Once you play this game you will draw in a game that will never end.

Super Character

If you are a fan of manga and anime series, you will not like this game! It has all the familiar face characters you know and love. Characters that you also hate. That being said, you can’t get all the characters. You have to collect them all as cards. In addition, these cards are divided into rare classifications. Rare cards are known as SSR and are the most common.

In addition, you can customize the card by creating duplicate cards to increase rates and card numbers. That way you don't have duplicate cards that are useless. Sounds challenging? This is because there is a learning curve in this game. But once you get the hang of it, then things get much better!

Features of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK is still a very popular game among gamers around the world. To understand how great this game is, we'll talk about the features its fur offers. Let's just say they are over 9000!

  • Collectibles DBZ Heroes - every character you like from the original manga and anime series! Not only that, but bad men too! Choose characters from different categories like Android, Science, Humans and God! What more could you ask for? They also offer character specials, which are upgraded versions of the character.
  • Unique gameplay - when you hear Dragon Ball Z, you immediately start talking about fighting, right? But that’s not the whole story of this game. Instead, you get a puzzle that is completely dependent on your brain! It doesn’t happen every day if you let it play when it’s too hot!
  • Different Game Modes - In addition to unique gameplay, DBZ Dokkan also offers different game modes. You can play the story mode of the game and play special events for additional rewards. This way you will not get bored easily!
  • Compete against other players - since this is a game online game, you can compete against other players from around the world! Dominate your card collection by ranking and solve by enemies. This is a completely scary world.
  • Action Scene - Because this is DBZ, there are still action and battle scenes. When it's your turn to attack, your character will attack in amazing animation!

Tips for playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK

Newbie DBZ Docan players may not get the right content for the first time. And that makes perfect sense! For that reason, here are our tips for beginners:

  • Do not ignore the training mode - after downloading the game, you will be greeted by the training mode to introduce you to the gameplay. Don't let that happen! Everyone can learn from it as much as possible. Choose a training partner that is the same color as the one you want to go up. You can also earn a ton of XP this way.
  • Familiarize yourself with the types of diagrams - in this game, your ability to add color switches is the key to your victory. This is not a typical game where you just press a button and expect to win. A clever class system was developed to enable the characters to fight against other cards. To better understand this, here is the table:
    • PHY - Strong against INT but STR. Weak against
    • INT - Strong against TEQ but weak against PHY
    • TEQ - Strong against AGL, but weak against INT
    • AGL - Strong against STR, but weak against TEQ
    • STR - Strong against PHY but weak against AGL
  • Collect all 7 Dragon Balls - Like the anime and manga, you also collect prizes by collecting 7 Dragon Balls. Depending on what you choose, you can increase your character slot to 10 or more.
  • Log in every day - even if you don't have time to play every day. If you sign up every day, you will receive bonus rewards. Even better, if you sign up on consecutive days and your rewards will be doubled.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD APK - Menu Mode, DMG Multiple, One Hit, God Mode

If you don’t want to be bothered by small prices and tough placements, download the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD APK right now for all the things you need!

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK 4.12.1 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - 4.12.1. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK 4.12.1 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK 4.12.1 on your device, it should have 0 bytes space available, also your android device need to have 4.4 Android OS version or higher. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK 4.12.1 was created by developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. in genre of Action.

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