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Mar 17, 2020
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Do you love watching anime and sometimes wish that you could be part of the story? Download Death School APK – latest version – mode for Android and get ready to have that wish come true!

About Death School Mod APK 2.0.6

Not all simulation games are appropriate because history makes some of them boring and speculative. Don't have such an experience with Death School APK!

The game is full of surprises and you can never guess how it will end even if you have run out of options. What a good story!

You will be part of a plot full of mysteries to balance mysteries and horror stories. Still, don’t experience too much fun and horror in the Death School APK. When making these decisions, you need to have a clear head. Your choices save you and your friends from being ensnared by deadly evil forces.

Horror Romance Simulation With a Perfectly Balanced Story

Death School APK is described as a bishu game that is only given to very anime girls. You can also consider it as part of an anime game played as a student. You will soon be stuck in your haunted school as you hang out and develop your relationship with these girls.

Prepare to go through the student’s normal daily experiences. They will mingle with your classmates, visit your book club, fall in love, etc. All of this reveals this great secret and torments all of you.

Death School APK strikes a perfect balance between horror, romance, sweet moments and mystery. The story is very secretive, but it's not about the bush. You can immediately experience your first scary scene in Chapter 1 and from there, things will just get more scary and intense.

Unrestricted Gameplay With Exciting Chapters

You don't have to worry about more game control at Death School APK. You have to tap the screen to go to the next dialogue box.

If this still seems like a distraction, you can turn on the P Tople option. To do this, press the Home button in the upper right corner of the screen. The menu list is displayed. Then press the Play To Play button to activate it. From the same start menu, you can open game settings and adjust the dialogues as fast as they run automatically.

More than 40 minutes can be played in the first chapter alone, which is good because of the Death School story tickets. You will be issued a ticket to open the chapter. When you start the game you will receive three free tickets - there is already plenty of time for an exciting story game!

Learn about the unique personalities of the main characters. The final horror begins when all four of you are trapped by a mysterious force that you may encounter at the end of Chapter 1.

Once you believe that the ghost will stop something to kill you, things become very exciting. It's your job to make the right decision and get your friends out of this haunting maze. Warning! There is nothing to play with the net giving way to evil forces, they have really come out to meet you!

Top Excellent Graphics and Music Rating

The excitement at Death School APK is not just because of its great story. When you first open the game, you will be greeted by an initial sequence with the main characters. You can easily see how good the music is and enjoy it!

Once you get into the game the next thing, each scene has vibrant colours. You don't get bored with the dialogues because the graphics of the game are very detailed and you feel like you are watching a very good anime show. The background music is also perfectly curated and tunes perfectly to make you scary!

You’re the 4th Main Character!

The main attraction of the Death School APK is its role. You will be introduced to three main characters who attend the same high school and yes, you are part of the crew - you are the fourth main character!

Before beginning Chapter 1, you will be asked for your name. This is how other characters will address you. You will then meet three main characters in different scenes:

  • Rei - He's your childhood friend and class president. You are closer to him than any other character. He is a manager and likes to look at things logically. However, sometimes you need to remind him that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.
  • Meiko- Mystery and haunting stories begin when he goes to your school. They will visit them at Renee’s request and where things start to get horrible. He always talks about "darkness", "negative force" and looks at things you don't do at school.
  • Natsume - He is the leader of your literary club. He loves books and is popular with other members of the club.

The Best Tips Before You Fall Into The Trap

You cannot escape the trap set by the evil forces in your school. It is best to learn these useful tips before going to Death School.

There is no wrong answer: yes, it is a narrative simulation game and your choices determine how the story will unfold. However, if at the end of a chapter you think you should get other answers, you can definitely do so!

A menu appears after each chapter and one of the options is "Restart". You can choose to go through the whole chapter without spending a second storey ticket. You can resume in the middle of a chapter.

Play this mini-game: You will also find a mini-game option on the home menu. You can play it to get free points. It is a slot machine that you have to tap three times to match all the symbols and win as many points as possible. You, because you can change these issues later for rubies.

Always choose the premium option: Parts of the game have a specific question and one of the two answers is called the premium option. It is the one with the ruby ​​symbol at the end of the sentence. Rubies have to choose a premium.

Choosing Premium Choice is always best as it promotes intimate moments between you and other characters. If you choose a simple answer you will never see these scenes. Suffice it to say, you will lose a lot of juicy stories and dialogue while ignoring the premium options.

Death School MOD APK - Premium Free Options

Game postures like Rubies repeat quickly until you pay for it. If you want some features and want to get all the premium options without emptying your pockets, this makes perfect sense.

Luckily there is a free download of the latest version of Death School APK with a free premium choice mode. Get it now and see how this awesome romance narrative ends!

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