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Among Us Mod APK 2021.3.31 APK

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for Android
Required Android:
Android 4.4+
Updated On:
Apr 03, 2021
69.57 MB

About Among Us Mod APK 2021.3.31

Nothing here. A crew of up to 10 people is ready to take their space shuttle to the Great Stranger. However, there are some traitors in the group. They must grieve before they can try to kill everyone else in the field. Can You Avoid Fun Party Game Madness? Download below for Android to see if you're up for the challenge.

Before you go, check out the guaranteed features of using the shuttle during your trip. Incidentally, there is no importer that makes these supplements. Just read along and worry about it ...

Conquer the game by successfully completing each task to build your space shuttle. Or you can beat all the cheaters and kick them out of the game.

A traitor can sabotage your plans at any time. Therefore, all players need to react quickly and move as fast as possible.

The administrator's map and the camera will help you keep an eye on the entire crew. Be sure to keep track and always be alert to any signals from the defender.

Soon the corpses appear. Contact your other players right away. Discuss any evidence and try to find out who the scammers are as soon as possible.

It is said that meetings can be held to discuss suspicious activity or behavior by other players.

Once the verdict is reached, you can vote to remove the suspects. Make sure you make the right decision when deciding who stays and who goes.

The next tasks are seen. However, you have to download the game to know them manually.


The graphics Among us are incredibly beautiful and well made for the style of play. After all, it's a party game to enjoy and play with friends and family. Each model's character models are unique and different from their own personalities. You can easily point out other games Among us depending on the design of the characters and settings.

Apart from that, animations for some simple scenes also come along. The game can be run at 60 fps for final customization. Run maps and complete tasks that look great while you play.

Even with a simple choice of art style, one can appreciate the effort, creativity, and imagination. The first state, it's a party game. The lighthouse atmosphere perfectly complements the stylistic decisions.

Overall, we have a great game to play and we still have a good game to look at like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is available Among us APK?

We have many devices like PC, iOS, and Android among us.

Why is it so popular with us?

To be honest, 2 years after the first release flew Among us. This is due to the famous Twitch Streamers and YouTubers posting content about the game.

Free Among us APK?

Each of us is a free game with paid cosmetics. These range from 0.99 to $ 2.99

Do we have a platform?

Yes, because the game has such simple controls and gameplay, cross-platform crossplay is available. You can enjoy the game on your PC while your friends play on their mobile devices.

How do I add a game Among us APK?

It's easy ...

  1. Go to the online main menu and select Create Game.
  2. Now you can select the map and edit the game settings.
  3. From here you will find a room code that can be shared with other players.
  4. If the code has been entered, your friends can now join it.
  5. If you make the room public, any random player can join your game as well.

Can you play Among US?

The players among us are specially made for fun with friends. However, you need at least 4 players to play with your friends or alone.

Can you talk Among US APK?

Communication is the most important role of the game. To successfully complete and accomplish each task, you need to use chat and work together with others.

How do I change my name Among Us APK?

  1. First, go online and enter the game.
  2. The name field appears above the host option.
  3. Here you can choose the name that suits you.

Download Among US MOD APK

That's not all, Among US MOD APK Android download brings more features to the party table. Control your snacks and don't let your drinks sit still. We haven’t even talked about what’s in it.

So don’t hesitate - the traitor is approaching. Don’t give them a chance to successfully execute their plan to sabotage everything and kill everyone. Download it now for Android to start addictive and fun party games for all ages.

Download Among Us Mod APK 2021.3.31 for Android

Among Us Mod APK 2021.3.31 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - . Among Us Mod APK 2021.3.31 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install Among Us Mod APK 2021.3.31 on your device, it should have 69.57 MB space available, also your android device need to have Android 4.4+ Android OS version or higher. Among Us Mod APK 2021.3.31 was created by developer in genre of Action.

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