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8.2.1 for Android
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Jan 09, 2021

About Akinator Mod APK 8.2.1

Beware, users of this genie have magical powers that will amaze even the most skeptical of people. No matter the secret that is hidden in your mind, you will reveal it with the power of this man who has secrets. How does he do it? The only way to find out is to download Accenter for Android and ask for it yourself.

Ask him Something

AKinator APK is not just a ghost that people all over the world know. In fact, this magical spirit has the power to predict almost anything that comes to mind. So, you can choose between different subjects to test your strengths. If you think you can outsmart this person, give it a try.

The various topics related to Akinator are as follows. But trust us, there is a 99% chance that it will always predict your thoughts.

Varna: The main attraction of Akinator is its knowledge of the people of the world. And it’s not limited to real characters. It can also predict fictional and animated talented characters. In a few quick questions, that person’s brain algorithm magically develops a certain character (person, monster or anything) in your brain.

Surprisingly, it can even predict whether you are thinking of a best friend, a family member or even yourself!

Objects: jects objects are not out of reach. Think of something, a device or something in the house. AKinator Gini knows everything. It is science, history, psychology and much more! Nothing works with it. Try it with similar devices but we guarantee it won't work.

Movies and TV shows

Animals: Like every character in the world, the soul knows the kingdom of animals. However these animals are also extinct, preserved and imaginary. Its powers are beyond this current dimension. It can only have a 5th dimension with an omnipotent capacity.

The Akinator Loophole

AKinator is unaware of the subject you are thinking about. And it is - if you are not sure about the details and information of your subject. The game of talent cannot predict its challenges. That said, if you don’t know a particular character, animal, etc., Akinator can’t deny you.

That said, lies are definitely out of the question. Instead of trying to make me mad, honesty is the only way to gamble. For example, if you have a character who is a movie star, you can't tell Echineter that the person never appeared in the movie.

Aquinator spirit rewind

The more these ghosts predict, the more coins are collected. These coins can be used for more customization options.

Like Aladdin's genes, Akinator is not limited to one organization. There are many different accessories and wardrobe options for her dress up. There are many notable and iconic clothing options such as Elvis Presley outfits, sombreros, night outfits and more. Give this man a little style, he earned all these coins.

There are also AKinator Awards. These are different colored championship belts that can be awarded based on the goals achieved by Digin. These range from standard belts to the most prestigious championship titles ever. In addition, these are the following AKinator Awards, which are given in terms of value from lowest to highest:

  • Standards: These are replaced with basic predictions.
  • Bronze: Not too difficult, but little known predictions given the time.
  • Silver: If in a few attempts Aki can know your lesser known prediction, he deserves this award.
  • Sona: Keep testing Aki. Gold is only meant for those genes that can control themselves against challenging ideas and questions.
  • Platinum: Give it some time to figure out what these tough topics are.
  • Kala: If Aki can predict something that seems impossible without challenging, then he deserves Kali!

Check out Hall of Fame

Players from all over the world are fighting for these ghosts. So it makes sense to have an adequate ranking system that everyone can experience. From here you can check previous rankings or top ranking of all time. If you're new to the sport, there's nothing to worry about. This is because the Hall of Fame fame of the ranking list is constantly updated and reset after the scheduled time. If you are new to the game of Kineter, there is always a chance to get the highest rank. So don't miss your chance and try again regularly.

But that’s not all, Aki also has a super award for the best predicted players. The final super awards show the best.

Note: Hall of Fame, Last Super Awards, Aki Awards and Customization can be accessed from the main screen.

VIP access

Anyone who has created an account with Akinator Gini can really experience miracles. VIP Gives unlimited questions without any ads as well as saved answers for the future. Open a genie account and see for yourself.

Akinator MOD APK Free Download

You can download the latest version of Akinator MOD APK for your Android and enjoy VIP features for you. It's also available to you for free!

So don’t stop here by twisting your toes. This magical man of secrets welcomes everyone who comes to him. Download Akinator APK for Android and ask.

Download Akinator Mod APK 8.2.1 for Android

Akinator Mod APK 8.2.1 is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - 8.2.1. Akinator Mod APK 8.2.1 is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install Akinator Mod APK 8.2.1 on your device, it should have 40M space available, also your android device need to have 4.4 Android OS version or higher. Akinator Mod APK 8.2.1 was created by developer Elokence SAS in genre of Entertainment.

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