About us

Here is Apkclone, the author and the idea behind ApkClone. This website is about apps, games, tips and game hacks. ApkClone focuses primarily on tips and tricks for Android games and apps. In addition to Android, the website also offers computer and other game console games.

Thousands of new games are released every week. Our job is to provide you the best game. We test all the APK with our team and then give you the best. ApkClone is a site where you can find the latest best modified version from around the world.

In addition to the apkclone, we also share the game’s best tips and tricks that improve your skills and help you master the game of your choice. You can find almost any popular game on this page. If you need an APK for the game available on this website, you can put a comment on each page here. Our team will provide you with the legal mode of the game as soon as possible.

What can we cover on our website?

Well, you may be wondering what you will find on our website. So I would say that our developers have created this website to share their talents for website transformation and have given you modified versions of games. In addition to the Apkclone.com for games, you also get the MOD APK for apps and other software.

But mostly we are good at changing the game. The more you get from our website, the better the improved game. And we cover almost all types of modes like strategy games, action games, battle realms or anything else.

You can download any issue through the menu option and with two simple clicks.

How is this page different from others?

Our team ensures that users get a 100% working APK that works precisely on your device. Don’t worry about viruses or fake applications. We make sure you don’t get scammed or misused. We check our app every week to update it and see if it needs to work.

If the file doesn’t work for you, you can comment below the post. Our team updated the file as soon as we read your comment. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can contact us here. You can also tell us on our contact page that we should create an APK for your favorite game.